Author: Aika Baylon

“Raccoons in the Attic!” “My Pipes Have Burst!” How Life Events Influence Google Searches
Many things happen in our everyday life that will make us turn to Google for advice )When we get married, have a baby, get a house, etc). People depend on [...]
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Ten Toronto Dentists with Awesome Online Reviews
Finding the best dentist in Toronto can be difficult, given the size of the city and number of clinics available. Because the health of your mouth can affect your overall [...]
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How Citations And The Service From Local SEO Search Canada Will Grow Your Business
In today’s competitive market more and more people are going to the internet to seek information about companies and organizations. Consumers are doing their research long before they contact a [...]
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Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors “for Dummies” Part II
You got the basics in the first part of Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors “for Dummies” so now let’s delve deeper into the different factors of SEO and how [...]
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What to Expect from Your SEO Company
You know your business has a lot to offer; why aren’t you reaching your desired audience and customer base? It’s time to switch gears and try something new — how [...]
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Unexpected Small Business Owner Evolution with SEO
You’ve probably heard the letters “SEO” nonchalantly tossed around these days and heard how it creates major returns for small business. But being SEO-savvy involves a number of factors. With [...]
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2016 Search Advertising Trends You Need to Implement
The way that people are using the Internet is changing as people are using their mobile phones more to access the Internet, using voice searches more, and using Windows 10. [...]
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7 Ways to Increase Your Customer Base With a Business Website
Most of your efforts, as a business owner, are geared towards acquiring new clients and maintaining your existing customer base. Here are seven useful tips to increase your client base [...]
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