Author: Roger Murphy

10 Incredible Ways Simple SEO Techniques Can Guarantee Leads for Your Business
The secret about search engine optimization is out. Everyone in the digital marketing world knows how important SEO is to guarantee leads for the business. Not everyone knows how to [...]
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12 Ways the Best SEO Companies Can Take Your Business to the Next Level
Have you noticed that your website traffic has drastically decreased recently? Feel like you create informative and engaging blog posts that no one seems to read? Are you concerned that [...]
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A Full-Service SEO Company: 10 Telltale Signs You Need to Hire One ASAP
Did you know that only about 40 percent of small businesses in Canada have a website? That means that more than half of the small businesses in the country probably [...]
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The 10 Best Jobs to Find in Canada 2019
If you were to rank the people with the highest job satisfaction in Canada, you probably wouldn’t choose career counselor or author as being in the top ten. However, ask [...]
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Search Engine Marketing: The 5 Best Ways to Optimize Your Website
In search engine marketing, it’s no secret that rankings are everything. It’s a huge factor in how much traffic websites get and in turn, how many conversions they get. After [...]
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5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business through Online Video Marketing
You haven’t started your video marketing campaign yet? Well, according to current statistics, you really need to get started. 87% of your competitors are already using marketing videos. By 2019, [...]
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Are You Frustrated with Your SEO Company? Digital Marketing Campaign Expectations
The wrong SEO company can cause frustration.   SEO agencies who do their job well can play a significant role in a business’ success — especially for startup companies. Today, [...]
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