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Local SEO Search Inc. provides full service online and digital marketing solutions for small- to medium-sized business owners. We build strong online footprints for clients that help convert web traffic into new customers and more revenue.

We have a proven track record of delivering customized campaigns to assist companies in their goal to dominate local online space. Depending on our clients’ goals, we provide a variety of expert digital and online marketing solutions. Our team of local SEO experts, link and citation builders, web and graphic designers, content creators, and business development managers work with each unique business to achieve success.

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Car Repair Online Advertising

Almost every Canadian owns a car or personal mode of transportation. It’s no surprise that car repair services are a necessary and lucrative business in this country. Those in the…

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Chiropractor Online Advertising

Chiropractic medicine continues to grow in popularity worldwide as an effective treatment for injury, chronic pain, and a way to prevent health problems. Practices in Canada have to be increasingly…

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Dentist Online Advertising

Given that dental and oral care have a major impact on overall health and disease prevention, many people today seek the professional services of dentists and denture providers. Building a…

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Get New Clients for Your Waterproofing Business with Digital Marketing

Waterproofing businesses provide essential services for homeowners in communities all across Canada. The home is often the most significant investment people will make in their lifetime. Homeowners want it to…

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Grow Your Storage and Moving Company with Digital Marketing!

Whether individuals and families need storage for a week or a year, they’re actively looking for a facility that can provide security and the size unit(s) they need. Self-storage establishments…

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Internet Marketing / SEO for Daycare Centres

Running a childcare centre can be a highly competitive business, made more challenging when dealing with day-to-day operations and government licensing restrictions. Parents can be extremely meticulous when selecting a…

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Internet Marketing / SEO for Pest Control Services

Advertising used to be the way responsible pest control companies got attention. In this internet-savvy world, reputable companies need to have a website that is not only functional and mobile-friendly;…

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Online Marketing / SEO for HVAC

HVAC companies can benefit from online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry, you may have a good-looking website, but wonder…

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Physiotherapy Online Advertising

To effectively sell their services, many professionals employ physiotherapy SEO strategies so potential clients (who mostly use search engines to find the best or nearest PT clinic) can find their…

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Plumber Online Advertising

With commercial and residential developments cropping up nationwide, plumbing is easily one of the most necessary professions in Canada. A plumbing business in Canada is advantageous because (aside from the…

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SEO / Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Certain types of accidents, events, contracts, and injuries require the services of a lawyer. Whether you handle personal injury, real estate, family law, or employment law, establishing a strong online…

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SEO / Internet Marketing for Garage Repair Businesses

If you are in garage building and repair, you can build your customer base with the use of search engine optimization (SEO). Garage design and storage space installation are very…

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SEO / Internet Marketing for Home Renovation

Home renovation businesses want online attention and to be ranked on Google search results. Even after each job or project is successfully completed, you must continue to look for new…

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SEO / Internet Marketing for Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen cabinet and kitchen countertop industry benefits from online marketing. How, you may ask, does a website promote your business, beyond providing information about your services?  Well, with a…

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Tree Services Online Advertising

Companies specializing in trees provide a valuable service in our communities by planting and nurturing new growth, maintaining a healthy canopy, and removing fallen or damaged trees. Since there is…

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