The 10 Best Jobs to Find in Canada 2019

If you were to rank the people with the highest job satisfaction in Canada, you probably wouldn’t choose career counselor or author as being in the top ten. However, ask around about the best jobs in Canada, and you’ll find that the job market is full of opportunity.


1. Become a Teacher

While it’s one of the more challenging professions out there, teaching is rewarding for students, teachers, and the community they’re based in.

Teaching takes on all kinds of forms. Working as a schoolteacher, you’ll be there to help kids get a basic grasp on understanding the world around them. Teachers can work at the university level, digging into the most complicated concepts and doing research that changes the world.

Most teachers get an average middle-class salary, able to live fairly comfortably off the pay. However, teaching isn’t for people who are hungry for fame and money. Teaching requires a passion for learning and sharing ideas with students.

There’s a lot of competition out there for qualified teachers. Great teachers are hard to find. There must be a passion deep within you for helping people and lots of patience for finding new ways to show people the same information.

The kind of teaching job you get is going to be based on where you find yourself. Every community has different needs when it comes to teachers.

2. Market Researchers

If you love looking at numbers and statistics, analyzing markets and predicting the future of where an economy or industry is headed, market research is for you. Market research analysts have an uncanny knack for looking at numbers and making sense of them in ways others can’t.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, marketing, or statistics, you’re well suited for this career. There are even specific degree programs that cover market research and prepare you to do the work. The pay starts at a respectable $50,000 per year and can climb up as you change companies and your experience makes you more in demand.

Since new people are entering this field all the time, there’s a healthy amount of competition. Companies need to be on top of who is buying their products at all times, trying to stay ahead of the other companies they’re competing with. Market researchers take in the data and search for trends in who will be buying what products next.

Across Canada, work is available to understand changing economic and social demographics.

Companies are required to have an understanding of how people are buying and investing. Market analysts not only follow trends but help to set trends. By advising companies how to spend and invest, they set the tone for the next wave of trends to hit the market.

3. Construction Managers

Construction managers are more than just the most experienced people on a construction site. They’ll have specialized training and skills that prepare them to predict problems, manage local regulations, and ensure safety on a site.

Anyone with an education in civil engineering will have the basic skills to ensure they know what to do in this field. There are specific construction management paths of study to prepare potential managers on what the history and trends of the industry are. The best way to prepare for a job like this is through an apprenticeship and some on the ground experience.

The construction boom across Canada in the past few years left the country with a shortage of managers. If this might be the path for you, be sure to have a broad path ahead of you, because every boom is followed by a bust.

Although construction jobs were once considered strictly blue-collar labour jobs that didn’t require formal education or training, things have changed. As construction companies take on more complicated projects that require sophisticated planning, it’s essential to have as much education as possible.

If you like to work outside and get your hands dirty with the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to build something, this may be a perfect career path. While some construction managers specialize in commercial or residential projects, the work varies.

There’ll be no shortage of tech jobs for decades to come

4. Graphic Designer

With every level of marketing now focused on digital media, the demand for graphic designers has never been higher. If you’re creative minded, love visual communication, and also have a tech-savvy streak, digital design is the field for you.

Graphic design is one of the best jobs in Canada since it embraces people with backgrounds in communication, media, art, architecture, and design. Since there are so many fields to pursue graphic design in, there are very few career paths that won’t intersect with graphic design. Everything from wine bottles to magazines and pet food has a need for graphic design.

To start in this field, you should take on a few small projects. If you’re still in school, get a job or an internship working for a small company near your school. Submit a test design to a tech startup or a local paper and ask if they’re looking for a designer.

Look online for jobs. There are openings all over Canada and the Americas for graphic designers. Since 90% of the work can be done digitally or via email, you could work for companies in far-flung places, creating designs for potato chip bags in Vietnam.

Start by focusing on a field that you’re strongly interested in. When looking for work as a graphic artist, just make sure you don’t undercut yourself. The worst decision you can make is to sell your time for less than it’s worth.

5. Write Online Content

If you’ve got a background in journalism or an interest in writing, there are thousands of job openings for companies all over the world for content writers. One of the only things you need is a skill for writing, a keen eye for brevity, and a little bit of knowledge in a few fields.

Tech blogs, law firms, and sites in the health and wellness fields are constantly looking for new content. They need to get lots of fresh content to try to outshine the competition online. Since they’re some of the industries that people search the most questions about online, it’s vital that they get lots of fresh content all the time.

By writing content for these companies or based on your own spider web of knowledge, you bring new perspectives that companies can use. While there are lots of clever people out there providing great services or creating interesting products, they’re not all great writers.

Bring your talents to these companies and they’ll embrace you with open arms. Every site is clamoring for content writers, so if you like a site, look through their contact page and reach out to editors. Otherwise, you’ll find thousands of listings on LinkedIn and other job sites.

The power of social media cannot be underestimated.

6. Social Media Managers

There isn’t a person working on a website anywhere who is unaware of the power of social media. However, very few people running sites know how to unleash that power. If you’ve built a strong following on your own, you’re up on how it works (whether you realize it or not).

If you can build a social media plan for a small business or a law firm, you could become a vital member of their digital department. With the average small business spending at least $75,000 a year on digital marketing, every company is trying to compete in the digital game. Having someone on staff who knows what they’re doing gives them an edge in the game.

Social media managers can make between $50,000 and $75,000 a year if they’ve proven their mettle. If you have a background in communications, writing, or media, you know how to craft a brand voice. If you’ve mastered social media on your own, doing the same for money shouldn’t be hard.

Social media specialists can make or break a small business. With more companies finding the kind of targeting that social media can do more useful than traditional advertising, the field is growing. Across Canada, thousands of small businesses are on the hunt for social media talent.

Get a great position by putting together a media action plan for the business you’re applying to. Show them how successful you’ve become online and wow them with that plan when you go in for your interview.

7. Plumbers

All across the country, there are reports of labour shortages in just about every industry. One of the things that the increased number of college and university students have left behind is a shortage of skilled labourers. While we have more critical theorists than ever before in history, we’re desperately short on carpenters, mechanics, and plumbers.

Plumbing is a job that will be in demand for years to come. There’s no future imaginable where plumbers won’t be needed. While more of our home systems begin to become automated, plumbers still have an important role in setting up systems and maintaining them.

Plumbers who have a savvy for networking and getting the word out about their services do well. Even with just a little bit of training, it’s possible to make a good starting salary by troubleshooting and fixing small issues.

8. Web Developer

If you have a modicum of experience with working online, then you know some of the basic elements of good web design. As a designer and developer, you get the chance to work on projects in a wide variety of industries. You get the chance to ensure that everyone who visits that site has a productive experience.

Web developers know a wide variety of languages and do a wide variety of jobs. Some web developers work just on the front end design and interaction of a website. This is vital because the easier it is to use and to interact with a site, the more people will use that service or product.

9. Driver

With the rise of the gig economy, driving has been the one job that has boomed in just about every market. All across the world, in cities large and small, people are using Uber and other applications to catch a ride.

If you have a valid driver’s license and you like to meet interesting people, you can become a driver for a ride-sharing service. Whether you own a car or not, you can drive for one of these companies. Many of them offer discounted and accessible leasing to their drivers.

On your off time, you’ll have a nice car to drive and in which to enjoy your free time.

There is always a need for skilled workers to help others communicate

10. Translator

If you know more than one language, every English speaking country has a need for people to help translate. While American, Chinese, German, and Japanese companies are the most lucrative companies to work for, Canada has its share of the international economy. Translators are needed for government, business, and teaching enterprises.

Turn your bi- or trilingualism into a lucrative job. You may find yourself in a field you never expected, and reap the benefits of new experiences involving travel and culture.

Applying For Jobs in Canada

While applying for a job in Canada is like applying for a job anywhere else, if you’re not a resident, you might need visa sponsorship.

Reach out to the employer that you’re looking to work for. Start by selling them on your candidacy for the job. You need to get them excited about hiring you before you do the legwork of dealing with getting a visa.

Check out the government guidelines to ensure that you’re eligible to work in Canada.

Tips: Applying for the Best Jobs in Canada

If you’re looking for the best jobs in Canada, you don’t need to do too much research to find where they are. Most career paths can be pivoted to reach some of the best places to work in Canada. If you’re currently unhappy with your job, think creatively to how you could pivot your work into teaching or marketing.

If it’s merely a matter of growing your current business, check out our guide for how to expand this year.

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