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Mississauga is a multicultural city and it’s the sixth largest city in Canada. There are several options available in the city in terms of advertising. If you’re considering expanding your business and generating new clients, here is a complete guide to advertising in Mississauga.


Depending on the type of business they’re looking for, consumers may have various touchpoints. They may do some research online, read a magazine, or look at their local newspaper. Advertising through these different media brings potential clients closer to getting in touch with you.

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Traditional Media

  • Radio – There are so many different radio stations that serve the needs of various communities. Radio offers many opportunities. Although it is one of the more expensive mediums, it has a tremendous reach. A significant number of people listen to the radio when they’re at home, at the office, driving, or commuting. You can do interviews, get sponsorships, and even get a spot within the stations. You can amplify your strategies immensely with the help of radio advertising. If you have the budget for it, it’s a great avenue for cultivating new clients.

In all likelihood, you will be contacted by local radio stations. Get a sense of which radio station would be the best fit. Ask them about their audience, their listener profiles, and what demographic they cater to so that you can decide if their listeners comprise your potential client base.

Radio also has an online equivalent that is gaining popularity — podcasts. Take the opportunity to contact a podcast host in Mississauga that speaks to your ideal audience. It’s a great way to advertise or plug in a mention of your brand. Podcasts can reach a worldwide audience; however, unless you’re serving an international client base, it’s better to focus on one that is local. Do your research to find a host in the Mississauga or Toronto area so you can reach your target audience.

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  • Television – Though more and more people are moving away from this medium, TV can still have a considerable impact. People at home sitting on their sofa and watching TV are engaged and captivated by the shows and ads. With TV, you can put ads in either a 15- or 30-second commercial slot, or get mentions within a broadcast.

Similar to radio, there are several TV stations spilling over from Mississauga to Toronto or vice versa. Know your market and whom you’re going after to make the most out of your budget.

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Take into account that TV ads can be costly, and an increasing number of people are opting for online streaming in place of cable TV. Determine what kind of impact a TV ad would have on your business versus its cost.

  • Newspapers – When it comes to newspapers, your options include the national newspapers, the local ones, and the multicultural ones that reach out to specific communities. You can choose from several types of advertising, including full-page ads, half-page adverts, back cover ads, inserts, classifieds, coloured, non-coloured, mentions, and editorials.

If you want to do a newspaper ad, determine if you want to reach a more local audience or have a broader, national reach. Also, figure out how many people are reading it and if the cost is justified.

With a newspaper, you’re reaching people on a weekly or monthly basis. It is a brand play. When consumers read your message, they may not necessarily need your product right away. What you’re doing is getting the word creatively in front of them, a message that will resonate with them when they’re ready to buy. It’s a long-play strategy, one with which you hope that they are driven to your business when they are prepared to make that purchase.

  • Magazines – Magazines come in different shapes and sizes. There are local magazines that cater to communities and trade magazines that cater to specific industries. Consider doing a trade-specific ad so you can target your local market. There are also lifestyle and home improvement publications you can target since these cater to a broad audience.

The downside of magazines is that they typically come out fairly occasionally (monthly, bi-monthly, bi-annually, or annually). Full-Page advertising can also be fairly pricey, especially in industry-specific magazines. As a business owner with a limited budget, know that it’s a brand play and focus on putting your name in front of people. Show your audience that you’re part of their communities.

  • Flyers – When you’re creating a flyer, consider design and distribution. While most flyers are printed out and delivered or placed inside the newspaper, online flyers have begun to come to the forefront. There are many different ways you can deliver it, but you also have to find out exactly what is the open rate of flyers. Homeowners receive hundreds of flyers every week.

If your business relies on seasonality, timing is everything. Create and distribute your flyers during the peak season or a few weeks leading into those times of the year. When someone needs your service and sees your flyer, they might give you a call. If you’re a home improvement business, you can send out your brochures during the holidays when homeowners are more likely to want to renovate their homes. Or if you’re in the plumbing business, circulating your flyers during fall and spring may benefit your business.

Flyers typically cost a significant amount. If you’re doing a long-term play on keeping them for a specific number of years and you know the life span value of your customer, consider flyers as an option. Online, flyers exist as daily deals and classifieds on different sites. In terms of daily deals, you have the Red Flag deals, Groupon, among others. They’re always changing, and have several options for different industries and niches. Online classifieds include Kijiji and Craigslist.

Another thing to note about flyers is that though they may do well on the first or second time, it won’t always stay that way. There is some fatigue involved when consumers see them again and again. If you’re thinking about flyers, don’t rely on them all the time. They become increasingly less effective. Don’t saturate your audience with flyers or you increase the chances of losing their interest.

  • Events – Events are a great platform if your business is on a tight budget, but you want to get your name out to people. You can join the Chamber of Commerce and have access to networking and the events they put on. You can also find events in local newspapers throughout Mississauga, community centres, small business enterprises, church groups, and ethnic communities. Another type of live event to look into is trade shows. Unlike other events, these are industry-specific.

This is considered a referral play — meeting someone in person, getting to know them, and building a relationship. If you run a consulting company or a B2B business, having these three things is an advantage. Your company offers much more substantial services, and so consumers would prefer to meet you, know who you are, and what kind of business you’re running.

It is part of the media mix that we refer to as bootstrapping in the early days — especially if you don’t have much money. Events can help you get yourself out there, meet other businesses and other people, and maybe even collaborate with other companies on a few promotions. In Mississauga, several venues (like the Mississauga Convention Centre) that hold very large events. You can exhibit your wares, get lots of foot traffic, and potentially meet more customers.

Take into account that although some people may want to do business with you right then and there, the majority are there to gather ideas. Focus on branding yourself, so they remember you when they do decide to make that purchase.

Online Marketing

The internet has touched various aspects of people’s lives — and that includes how people do commerce. In Mississauga, people are connected with high-speed internet. If they want to search for something online, most people in the city will turn to Google. Typically, they type in what they’re looking for where they live. The search engine results display the paid ads at the top, followed by the map, and the organic listings.

People who look for information in search engines are interested in and are actively looking for a product or service. An individual searching online is likely to be someone who has done their research and is getting close to making a decision. This makes online marketing a valuable part of your advertising toolbelt. Here are a few marketing strategies you can consider:

  • Paid Ads – You can pay to be at the top of search engines for a given keyword or a broad range of categories in your geographic target market. You pay every time someone clicks on your link. There’s Express, where you can do it yourself, or you can turn to an agency that focuses on AdWords.

Though ads may be at the top portion of the search engine results page, they are not very popular with consumers.

  • Social Media – Social media offers you access to many different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can get your message out to like-minded individuals or specific groups.

Social media are free avenues for advertising. You can create a Facebook fan page, for example, a Twitter account, or a Google My Business Page at no cost. However, if you want to reach a larger group of people, you can pay a small amount to advertise. The good thing about advertising on social media is you can pick and choose who receives your message. Facebook, specifically allows you to target a particular demographic based on age, location, interests, and a whole list of other factors. It also allows you to track the number of views, likes, and clickthroughs.

Ascertain which platforms your potential clientele uses so you can identify which one suits your business.

  • Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing is tied in with social media. Influencers are celebrities in their own right with a large fan base. Search for one who has a strong following in Mississauga, maybe a news anchor, blogger, model or musician, try to engage with them and perhaps even get your product in front of them so that they can repost it, Tweet, or feature on Instagram to show to their followers.

Look into how many followers they have and how much their services cost.

  • Online Forum – Another avenue is the online forum, like Meetup and Eventbrite. These platforms are effective at connecting you to a large community whose interest is getting together.

If you are not comfortable doing presentations or hosting events, it may be challenging. On the other hand, if you do manage to jump over these hurdles and hold an event, you will have gathered several people you can speak to that audience, educate them, and make an impact. This is another great way to build a brand and get yourself known to your market.

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – If the paid ads aren’t getting the clicks, what are? The answer is the organically placed links below the map. SEO marketing can kickstart your way to the top of that listing. With SEO, both the search engines and consumers have to consider you as a trustworthy expert in your field before you can appear on that first page.

You can do it yourself. Build a website that loads fast, is mobile-friendly, and delivers quality content that’s informative and engaging. Educate your audience to let them know what you offer and how you stand out from your competitors. You also have to include calls-to-action so the visitors to your website know what to do with the information. However, the rules followed by the search engines are dynamic and continuously changing, so that has a high learning curve. You may need to hire an SEO agency to look after your strategies for you.

When you’re starting your business, you may not have much in funds. You have to rely on networking. As you grow your business, you can begin to free up some time by using advertising to get in front of a broader community. To maximize your marketing funds, select the platforms that will give you the best opportunities to reach your audience. Test your strategies, try out different combinations, and be sure to track their progress and effectiveness.

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