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If you are in garage building and repair, you can build your customer base with the use of search engine optimization (SEO). Garage design and storage space installation are very specific industries, but most homeowners have a garage and benefit from your service.

Garage Door Repair

When a garage door doesn’t open or close, it poses a security risk and needs to be fixed immediately. The garage provides access to a home, and often stores important tools and equipment, in addition to a vehicle, bicycles, and other supplies. If the locking mechanism on the garage doesn’t function, or the area is otherwise vulnerable, homeowners will look for garage repair online.

Repairing doors can be expensive, so most consumers won’t seek help unless something drastic has happened or if they want to modernize the look of their house with a replacement door. Front door replacement is also popular among owners looking to sell their property; it increases curb appeal for buyers. A house with a great-looking frontage has a better selling price and increases property value throughout the neighbourhood.

The garage door business has two main segments:

  1. Emergency repair (e.g. someone has to go to work but their car is stuck inside)
  2. Upgrades (the house is being put up for sale or an older house needs a fresher look)
Promoting Your Garage Repair Business

Promoting Your Garage Repair Business

Home shows are a great way to build clientele, but there are other traditional marketing options, like advertisements in magazines and local newspapers. Seasonal booklets containing images and information on the latest home improvement trends are another useful place to promote your brand. These efforts can be quite expensive, though. John Vuong, owner of Local SEO Search says, at the end of the day businesses must “invest in relation to the benefit that you’re going to get out of it.”

Most people now look for local businesses online. Social media is important in today’s marketplace because people want to see how a product (or the end result of a service/job) looks. As a business owner, how do you determine what marketing approach works and how to get the biggest bang for your buck? SEO (search engine optimization) is a great investment with huge payoffs.

At Local SEO Search, our specialty is helping businesses like yours be in front of the ready-to-buy customer. When someone who needs your service — whether it’s an emergency or they’re just checking out pricing — they’re at their computer or on their mobile device looking for answers.

Not everyone reads the flyers they find in their mailbox. Many customers will never hear that radio ad you purchased. However, when potential customers Google search particular keywords, they will either see your website on the results page or you will be (essentially) invisible. When people seek a product or service they need, they tend to check only the first page of Google. You can have a great website, but if you’re not in the search results, you’ll never hear from those consumers.

Once a business is on that coveted first page, your presence is there seven days a week, 365 days a year. Active consumers are looking for your service daily.

Getting the Help You Need to Promote Your Business Online

The experts at Local SEO Search want to help you to become a trusted source and build your market and industry authority. After you identify the keywords associated with your services/offerings and place them strategically on your website, your business will begin to appear in search results. Only then do you have the chance to win over any customer looking for your type of service.

Not every potential client ends in a sale. Different people have different criteria when they visit your website. They examine:

  • its appearance/design
  • before-and-after pictures
  • products or brands available

However, once a potential client is browsing your site you have a greater opportunity than your competitors who don’t appear in search results. If you haven’t already, get started on your website optimization right away. You want to start growing and building your online authority so that you will eventually rank on Google.

Google has over 200 signals that they look for when determining search engine rankings for websites. They look for links to (and on) your website, fresh content, and pictures. Citations that direct consumers to your site also affect how Google grades you. If you have a reliable SEO team that knows the latest Google algorithms and rules, your online marketing will vastly improve.

Local SEO Search will do everything Google requires so your garage repair website can earn that space on their first page of results. Give a call at (416) 888-8756 and John Vuong or Roger Murphy (Vice President of Sales) will answer. We provide a custom campaign quote and explain the whole process. Learn the true value of SEO and why it provides the best ROI is in terms of marketing and advertising.

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