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Home renovation businesses want online attention and to be ranked on Google search results. Even after each job or project is successfully completed, you must continue to look for new clients. You have to, as they say, “fill the funnel.” In your industry, you must have constant activity for your business to thrive.

John’s Renovation Story

Two and a half years ago, John did a basement renovation and his journey is probably similar to what some of your clients experience. Improving the value of a home, business, or property is a large capital project. Clients will take things seriously when it comes to fixing their properties. They will conduct online research and check references to learn about your company and why they should do business with you.

First, John and his wife created a budget. They saved for a few months to afford their basement renovation. Then, they asked friends to recommend some contractors. John called each of the references., and visited “third party sites” (e.g. Yelp and Homestars), did Google searches, read reviews, and requested rate quotes. The credibility of the businessowner was important to him.

Bear in mind, consumers will choose someone they trust. They don’t want to allow just any random “handyman” into their home or property. They want to invest their hard-earned money with a reputable team.

How Customers Choose a Renovation Company

References and honest reviews are a huge influence in consumer decisions. Your online reputation is key when seeking new customers. If a potential client sees a company on the Better Business Bureau website and they have one-star reviews or unresolved situations, they will lose new (or repeat) business. Some online reviews contain information about various companies (including if they are insured or bonded and obtained the necessary permits for particular projects).

Some clients who are considering hiring your home renovation company will call references, talk to actual homeowners, and read or watch testimonials on your website. They also ask about pricing.

However, costs are not as important as trust:

  • Does your company do a solid job and stand behind their promises?
  • If anything goes wrong, can your clients call, reach someone right away, and know that you will fix the issue in a timely fashion?

Website Appearance

The look of your website matters. In John’s opinion, a professional website should look modern and presentable. It must have nice images, and home renovation businesses need before-and-after photos and listed references. The content and social media pages also should be up-to-date. They show a company is engaging with consumers.

If you’re in the renovation business, it’s important to have a photo gallery. The images you use should not only include before-and-after photos. Share the journey of the entire renovation process:

  • Week 1: Planning
  • Weeks 2-3: Demolition (e.g. breaking down walls, removing cabinet doors)
  • Weeks 3-4 Installation (e.g. lighting, studs, electrical, plumbing, new appliances)
  • And so on…

To John, seeing a contractor’s whole journey represented online was important for him and his wife. It allowed them to witness what they would experience and gave them an outline of how the work would be completed in a timely manner.

Trust and Security

Building trust is essential, especially families who pay for a renovation project will have workers in their home for a few weeks. The renovation team will be granted access, and in some instances, keys and alarm codes. This is why references, and proof of your licensing and certification(s) are useful online tools for potential customers.

Businessowners in home renovation want to grow their company and replace customers with new ones. Here is a to-do list to make that happen:

  1. Get the proper insurance. If you or an employee are injured on the client’s property, their house insurance and liability are at risk.
  2. Take photographs. Capture the before, during, and after images when doing a project.
  3. Clean up at the end of day. Many homeowners are bothered by excess dust and debris. They also do not want equipment left behind where someone can trip or be injured. If their place looks like a bomb just went off, leaving mess everywhere, you will lose future business. The customer will be sure to tell others that you don’t take care of client’s homes during renovation.


When a potential customer asks for an estimate, talk about the value you offer, rather than costs. Value is what your company brings to the table. Talk about the benefits a home or business owner will receive from doing business with you. If your team receives professional discounts on materials and supplies, explain how that defrays the overall cost and lowers the budget.

Also, try to empathize with your clients. When communicating with a prospect, listen to their questions and respond tactfully and respectfully. If you behave in a rude manner, you’ll lose to the competition. Local SEO Search VP of Sales Roger Murphy adds, “There is a difference between being arrogant, confident, and being an expert.”


Business owners in construction and home renovation have a number of choices for marketing. You can waste endless dollars on mailers, flyers, newspaper advertisements, and other listings. Optimizing your website and helping new customers find you online has a huge, potential ROI (return on investment). To get more business, consider employing the “long game” of SEO (search engine optimization) on your website. Learn how your company will thrive with the benefit of constant website updates and making your pages mobile-device friendly.

Get on the first page of Google where people are looking for your services. Local SEO Search understands our clients and helps them rank well on Google searches. Call us at (416) 888-8756. John Vuong or Roger Murphy will answer your call personally and talk to you about a custom campaign for your business.

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