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What is Infographic Digital Marketing and Why Do You Need It?


When people visit your website, you want them to understand and engage with your content. That means having high-quality written information, but it also means having infographics that are easy to scan and learn from.

Useful, informative, on-brand content shows that you’re an authority in your field. However, you want to showcase that content in a way that’s attractive, simple to interact with, and draws your prospects in. 

Humans learn visually: 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. An infographic turns dull data into captivating, easy-to-remember images.

Infographics meet prospects where they are, while pulling them closer to your business.

Publishing high-quality content is great, but alone it’s not enough. You need a way for your online visitors to enjoy reading or watching it. That’s where infographics come in.

The more time that visitors spend on your webpage, the more authoritative Google will deem your website. As a result, you’ll rank more highly. In fact, even if you’re doing everything else right in SEO, without infographics it will be very hard to rank on page one for your keywords.

But it’s tough to get high-quality infographic design. And here’s the truth.

Most Infographic Design is Too Expensive — or Too Cheap

There’s no question, excellent infographics are valuable. As part of SEO, it’s an investment you pay for once to keep generating leads indefinitely — unlike traditional forms of advertising.

But infographic design for SEO can be too expensive. You may be wasting money on design if:

  • You’re creating your own infographics when you could be spending that time on what you do best
  • Your business creates your infographics without a plan, and the content and layout aren’t right for you to rank well on search
  • Your infographics attract traffic but not the kind of visitors that convert to new, paying customers

Some businesses realize they need professional infographic design help for their website. But too often, what they get are generic, poorly designed images. Unattractive, difficult-to-read images don’t make your prospects feel they know, like and trust you enough to buy.

There is a better way, though, and it starts with a free consultation.

We’ll tell you what’s working on your pages, what’s not and why — so you can start investing in infographic design that grows your business the smart way.


The Importance of Mobile-First Infographic Creation

It’s no secret that most customers are using mobile devices to access to the internet. One of the keys to successful infographic design is ensuring that it’s readable even on a smaller screen.

Our designers for small business understand this. As part of our services, we’ll check your images on a variety of screen sizes. We’ll make sure your infographic images load quickly and are easy to see on a smaller screen.

Google has clearly stated that search results prioritize mobile-first design, so you can’t overlook this vital aspect of infographic design services. 

Get a Better ROI When You Choose the Right Infographic Design Services

At Local SEO Search, our graphic designers create images that prepare the right kind of visitors to become your best customers.

The design you get as part of your monthly service package is:

  • Perfect For Your Brand: The images on your site need to fit your brand identity. We’ll create custom infographic design that fits the feel of your brand and website. The colors and layout will be chosen to fit in well with other design elements.
  • Optimized for SEO: The tags and labels on your infographics will make it clear to search engine crawlers exactly what is being shown. That way your images will contribute to your SEO and keywords on your site.
  • Targeted: To pull in the leads who are most likely to buy what you offer, keep them on your site longer and guide them to call you first

Our team of graphic designers create infographics and content that drive long-term growth — and it’s all included when you work with Local SEO Search.

Your Business Is Unique — And Your Infographics Should Be, Too 

That’s why we do a deep-dive into your business first. Before creating the design and content that will get your business found, we:

  • Discover how visitors are engaging with your current online marketing material — and where they’re getting lost
  • Determine the best way to visually communicate with infographics throughout your web pages and blog posts
  • Find out how your business meets customer needs better than others do
  • Understand what infographics and content customers need to feel confident choosing your business first
  • Review your competitors’ graphic design and SEO to find ways you can stand out

Find out how Local SEO Search can grow your business with excellent infographic design and SEO when you book a call with owner and SEO expert, John Vuong.


Local SEO Search Infographic Design and SEO Services

SEO and infographic design go hand-in-hand, and that’s why you get both with Local SEO Search.

Your infographic design and SEO are planned and developed in-house, with oversight from your account manager. It’s a key part of how we work to drive more growth and success for your business.

Infographic Design Strategies

During your onboarding process, we create a custom design strategy for your business. Our creative team works with our SEO experts to develop a unique plan, in consultation with you. You’ll be surprised at the ways we can leverage infographics to drive great customers to your site!

Graphics in Content Development 

Most businesses need more core website pages detailing offers and driving traffic. These pages should have infographics to help describe your products and services and build your online presence. You probably also need blog content to keep your site fresh. This content needs appropriate and appealing featured images. As part of your plan, you’ll get both. Our infographic design includes all the images your website needs. 


Finally, you can hand off your infographic design confidently. That’s because we do the work of publishing and updating your site. All images are triple-checked by our design manager before going live and laid out beautifully by our web team.

Consistent Monitoring

A successful design and SEO strategy is sustained by measuring key metrics. We keep track of what’s working on your site so we can keep optimizing. You’ll also have our team keeping an eye on your competitors’ design and content so you can stay a step ahead.

Interested in getting all this as part of your monthly package? Click the button for your free consultation.


Why Work With Our Marketing Agency?

The right infographics should delight your customers, drive more high-quality leads, and represent your company online in a way that makes you feel proud. Getting that formula right can’t be left to chance.

You need a team that has the full range of expertise and experience: design, SEO, and helping businesses succeed. That’s what we offer at Local SEO Search.

Your infographic design strategy will be led by our in-house Design Manager and a team of skilled design experts. Every page will be well-designed and optimized for search — not just to rank highly, but to attract the right potential customers who are ready to buy.

And because we’ve worked with over 10,000 local businesses all over Canada, we bring a depth of insight other design agencies can’t. Local business is our expertise. We know what infographics will appeal to your customers and what SEO helps you stand out from the crowd.

Qualify for $999 in Free Web Design and SEO Consulting

When you fill out the form to book a call, you’ll get a no-obligation, 100% complimentary consultation.

If you’re ready to grow with high-quality SEO infographic design, you may be eligible for a FREE in-depth competitive analysis and keyword research recommendations report. Valued at $999, this report is what most companies charge for in the first month.

When you have data-driven insight, you can finally design a beautiful, optimized infographics that help grow your business even if you don’t use traditional advertising at all.

Fill out the form and we’ll book your call with owner, John Vuong.

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