Blogs get “clicks” by providing useful information to readers of all types, not just your target market. Some people read a blog because they’re interested in your business (e.g. potential and current clients). Others may be community or industry members reading about an event you promoted in your blog. Some may be people all over the world who clicked on your link because they were interested in the topic!

Google counts every click and rewards your site – especially if readers stay on the page to enjoy all the engaging, authoritative information that’s there.

Not every click will be a conversion, but numerous clicks increase your site’s authority and increase the value of your SEO.

Not all blogs have to be related to your service; most of them will. Some successful blogs talk about (industry or community) activities and meetings in your area. Others may suggest interesting projects or things families and your clients can do for a holiday. We always try to tie the topic to your services/products, but sometimes that’s not necessary. You’re simply providing great information to an online audience.

What’s most important is that blogs are well-researched and interesting to readers so they don’t “bounce” after a few seconds. You don’t get many SEO rewards for blogs if they’re not being read. That’s why we want to expand your audience, and get you the attention you deserve.

Our team of writers and editors also add meta-descriptions, photos, captions, keywords, internal and external links to all the blogs. We have a trained in-house team that is skilled in these techniques. All these efforts help search engines notice your blogs, offer them in search results, and expose you to an even greater audience.

We’re always looking for fresh ideas. You can give us information about some event/conference in which you’re participating, and we can write a blog on that! You can send us a few paragraphs about why you chose the job you had, and we’ll write a comprehensive, 1000+ word article on your career. Please send us potential blog topics and any links/information that will help us continue to write with authority.

Being recognized as a leader in your industry is important.
Showing you’re a member of the community is also key.
Providing blogs that people actually read? Priceless.

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