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Why spend money on traditional advertising methods that deliver a lower ROI? Instead, get proven SEO strategies that will help your Calgary company reach new levels of success.


Click below to call Local SEO Search for a free 30-min consultation with our SEO experts (valued at $199). We’ll address all of your questions and help you get started with high-quality Calgary SEO right away.

Your business may also qualify for a complimentary in-depth SEO competitive analysis. Customized for your company, this targeted audit takes our in-house SEO marketing experts up to 16 hours. (It’s what most firms charge for in your first month of service.)

Grow Your Business With Calgary SEO Services

Grow Your Business With Calgary SEO Services

Calgary is not only one of the cleanest and most livable cities in Canada, it’s also affordable and full of exciting amenities. There’s a great job market and reasonable taxes, making it a great place to start your small business. There’s a lot of diversity in Calgary as well, with immigrants making up 30% of the population.

There are over 1 million people who call Calgary home, meaning there are plenty of customers for your small business — and plenty of competition. That’s why you need to work with a high-quality Calgary SEO company so you can stand out.

In such a large city, technology and communication are never a problem. Calgary residents have high-quality internet at home and carry the latest smartphones, meaning they can access your website or search for products and services online anytime.

A lot of Calgary companies have one of two problems with their growth. 

Some spend a lot of money on advertising but don’t reach ideal customers that are ready to buy. The use of traditional marketing, including print materials, social media, and online advertising, can use up your marketing budget without helping your company grow.

Others are working with one of the marketing firms in Calgary but they aren’t seeing the results they expected. If that’s you, you know you’re falling behind the competition and you may not be sure why your investment in Calgary SEO isn’t working.

Working with the right marketing firms in Calgary makes all the difference in solving these two problems. Local SEO Search is one of the best SEO companies in Calgary because we focus on transforming your business with local SEO that delivers results and excellent ROI. We can help you do well on Google search while reducing your traditional advertising spending.

We’re here to help you succeed, no matter what success means to you.

Discover the Local SEO Search Difference

What Does Success Look Like For Your Business?

What Does Success Look Like For Your Business?

Unfortunately, other digital marketing companies in Calgary may try a one-size-fits-all approach with your marketing. They assume your goals are the same as every other small business and give you a generic strategy that produces few results.

Not at Local SEO Search. Because we’re a small business ourselves and have spent our careers working with other business owners, we know that your goals are unique to you. We are the best SEO company in Calgary because we create marketing that is tailored to your focus.

Maybe your goal is to earn. You want to get your business large enough to sell and perhaps retire comfortably. Maybe you want to give back to charity or leave an inheritance for your family. Those goals require you to focus on profitable, efficient growth.

Some business owners are looking for time freedom. You want to become successful enough to step back and enjoy your family, friends, and even travel. A successful business for you has automated processes and outsources to experts.

Finally, perhaps you want to impact your community. Growing a business that makes a difference in the lives of others is important to you. Maybe you’re planning to create a generational company so your children or grandchildren can take it over in the future. If this is your focus, you want growth that’s consistent and the best products and services available.

The best part of this is that Calgary SEO is a marketing approach that can meet all of those goals. SEO brings cost-effective, long-term growth. It allows you to automate more of your marketing and outsource to a Calgary SEO specialist. And, digital marketing brings consistent growth while you focus on providing the best products and services.

Let us show you why Local SEO Search is the best boutique search agency for your Calgary business. Click for a complimentary consultation with owner, John Vuong.

Why Choose Calgary Search Engine Marketing?

If you’re trying to find something out, where do you turn? For almost everyone, the answer is Google. You type in or speak a question or phrase and expect accurate, high-quality results.

Whether you want to know the dates of the next Calgary Stampede or you’re curious about the latest Flames season, you open Google to find out. The same is true for customers who want to learn about your products and services.

Being found easily on Google in Calgary is the best way to build quality leads that are likely to become customers. But it’s not easy. You need search engine optimization in Calgary from a company that cares about your business success and works hard to make it happen. Local SEO Search is the perfect partner to help you reach your goals.

The Power of Local SEO in Calgary

If you’re a small company in a city of over one million people, you might think you’re at a disadvantage. In reality, the opposite is true — it’s easier for you to get found on Google than your larger competitors.

How is that possible? Simple — you can take advantage of the power of local keywords and your company can show up in Google’s Local Pack, which appears on the right side of search results and often above the top organic link.

Larger companies are focused on attracting customers from across Canada and in some cases around the world. That means they have to use very broad keywords and want to rank highly on very competitive terms.

On the other hand, your small local company is looking for customers in your neighbourhood. Whether you have a salon, a lawn company, or a pest control business, your customers can’t buy from someone in Vancouver. They need a local, nearby business to provide their products and services.

As an expert on SEO in Calgary, we can help you choose the local keywords that make sense for your business. These are keyword phrases that include your street name, neighbourhood, and other local landmarks. For instance, someone might search Google for “pest control in Inglewood” or “auto repair in Hillhurst.”

With these local keywords, you can capture customers in your area who are in need and ready to buy what you offer. This gives you a big advantage over a national or internationally-focused company.

When you choose to work with Local SEO Search, you can take advantage of this small business advantage along with other important marketing strategies in order to grow your company.

Choosing Local SEO Search for Calgary SEO

You have a lot of choices when it comes to top marketing agencies in Calgary. Why would you work with Local SEO Search?

The top reason is that as a small business, we understand the needs of smaller companies. We’ve helped thousands of small businesses over the years grow and succeed using SEO strategies. We know what it takes to stand out in a city of over 1 million people.

When you decide to work with us, you get:

Loads of Experience. Our in-house team has over 40 years of combined experience helping small businesses with their marketing. We’ve worked with thousands of companies across a variety of industries in all areas of Canada. You need a team that knows how to succeed with SEO, and that’s what we are!

Commitment to Your Success. We know your goals are unique, and you deserve a marketing plan that is specifically tailored to your company. Our focus is on building long-term relationships founded on trust and commitment to your success. We have the passion to help you succeed, and we’ve proved it to clients again and again. Just take a look at our testimonials!

Results That Matter. Getting on page one of Google in Calgary is only part of the overall picture. Our commitment to your digital marketing strategy is that we will help you bring ideal customers to your website and encourage those visitors to become long-term customers. We measure our success based on your ROI.

Personal Service. Our boutique agency takes pride in being different from other SEO providers, and you’ll notice it on the first call. We focus on building relationships and want you to feel like a member of our family. We know how hard it is to grow successfully, and we’re here for the long term. We’re easy to reach anytime you have a question or concern.

Transparency & Honesty. It’s unfortunate that it’s common in business for providers to promise the world but never deliver. It’s a terrible feeling, and we assure you that you won’t have to deal with that at Local SEO Search. We’ll be upfront from the beginning about what you can expect and when you will start seeing results.

What to Expect When Working With Local SEO Search

What to Expect When Working With Local SEO Search

Our fully in-house team of over 30 SEO experts is ready to serve your Calgary business. We’re easy to reach anytime with a phone call or email. Our goal is to provide excellent service and be the best SEO company in Calgary. 

From the time we start your marketing campaign until the end, we’ll be on top of your page rankings, keywords, and overall performance indicators. Our clients love to share about their great experiences working with us because we focus on each relationship like it’s our only one. We want you to feel at home with us!

Understand Your Marketing Budget. When we hear from new customers, the first question we get is, “How much will it cost?” We don’t avoid the question or give vague answers. Instead, we’ll ask a variety of questions about your industry, your local market, and how many keywords you want to rank for. From there, you’ll get an easy-to-understand quote and will be clear on how the money is being used to bring you ready-to-buy customers.

All-Inclusive Pricing. Speaking of pricing, ours includes everything you need to rank well in Google. Other SEO companies might provide an initial quote but then charge extra for things you need, like a new webpage or a blog post. Not us. When you choose Local SEO Search for your Calgary SEO, you’ll get everything you need to rank well included in one price.

Engaging Web Design to Enhance Customer Experience. SEO marketing is essential if you want to grow in today’s market, but what do visitors experience when they get to your website? Do they understand what you offer and get a sense that you are a trustworthy expert? If not, you might want to also work with us to design a website that is engaging and fully-optimized so that web visitors are quick to trust and buy from you.

Hand Off to A Full-Service Team. Small business owners have enough to worry about without also learning the details of SEO and digital marketing. You’re managing employees, providing services and products, and spending time with people who matter most. Instead of learning SEO, let our expert team take care of it so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Customer Service You Can Rely On. With another digital marketing firm, asking a question might mean sending an email and waiting days for a reply. The firm might even prioritize larger companies over your business. You don’t have to deal with that when you work with us. Just pick up the phone and call us any time. Our relationship with you is our highest value!

Start Today With a Free Consultation! Discover the Local SEO Search difference before you even sign up. Our free consultation will help address your questions and you may also qualify for a FREE in-depth SEO audit, which is normally $999!

You Deserve the Best SEO In Calgary

Don’t fall for big promises from another marketing company that then fails to deliver once you’ve signed up. At Local SEO Search, we always give our customers excellent value for a long-term SEO strategy that works. They’ve come to expect it!

From the very beginning, we’ll be honest about what to expect. We’ll answer every question and only make an offer of service if we’re confident you’ll see a great return on your marketing investment in the first year of service. In fact, many of our customers see improvements in just a few months!

Our clients spend less on traditional outreach such as ads on the radio, TV spots, billboards, and more, but they are also getting more calls from new leads. New customers come in on a regular basis.

Our custom, full-service SEO packages start at $1,000/month. We create an SEO strategy that is specific to your business, market, and goals. Your pricing may vary depending on the number of keywords you’re targeting, the competition in your market, and your physical location. Once you receive a quote, there are no surprise extra fees.

Get Started With Calgary SEO Services Today

Get Started With Calgary SEO Services Today

Your Calgary business isn’t like others, even with over 1 million people in the area. None of your competitors has the same background, expertise, and goals that you do. You deserve a marketing strategy that is customized to your specific needs.

Whatever your definition of success is, SEO marketing will help you get there. Make more money while spending less, automate your marketing, and bring in consistent leads that allow you to make the impact you’ve dreamed of. 

Get started by contacting us for a no-obligation consultation today. It’s completely free!

Just fill out the form below and we’ll book your call with Local SEO Search’s owner, John Vuong. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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