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Website Maintenance Services

Your business website is your first chance to make a great impression. When people visit your website, they need to encounter persuasive and engaging content laid out in a way that makes sense.

If you don’t properly maintain your website, you could lose sales opportunities and customers. That’s why having a plan for website maintenance services is so important. If you’re only working on your website when there’s a major problem, you’re costing your business money.

To make the best impression, you want to know your website is working well and stays updated. That way you can ensure that when someone comes to your website, they’re seeing the best your company has to offer.

When to Fix a Website

How do you know if your website needs maintenance? There are a variety of different reasons to work on your website.

  • Website redesign
    Check for page loading issues.Most of us have clicked on a website only to find that the pages don’t load. It is frustrating to see error messages when searching through the business website. Customers want to learn about the business, and find the products they want or need without issue. When pages don’t respond, that causes users to look elsewhere for what they need.
  • Choosing a new content management system (CMS)
    Internal links get broken.Many companies provide internal links that direct the customers to their products or other crucial website pages. If your internal links don’t work, that could cost your business a lot of sales.
  • A new domain name
    When you need an update.If you have ever visited an outdated website, you know it needs some help. Many times, there have been no recent posts regarding products or services. Since the website is the face of the business, you want to keep it current and fresh. The website design should be customer-driven and focus on search engine optimization (SEO).
  • A hosting change
    Your website design needs work.In an effort to save money, some business owners try to design their websites themselves. That can be a tremendous mistake for the company. You want your site to be clean and well organized. That can require the skill of a professional who has experience with website building.


Website maintenance is performing different checks on your site to make sure everything works as designed. It is also making sure everything stays relevant and updated.

Maintaining a website will attract more customers because it provides consistent checkups for the health of your site. Everything gets reviewed. You scan everything from load speeds to website design.

When performing maintenance, everything on the website gets touched. Some of these may get done at different intervals, but eventually, all pages get reviewed for accuracy.

Website maintenance is what gets done to keep your site running well at all times. Without the use of regular maintenance, your site could become obsolete and less attractive to your audience.

You can think of website maintenance much like keeping your car serviced. You don’t want to wait until a severe problem arises to get it fixed.

Continuous Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a continuous cycle. You will want to check for any software updates or plug-ins available. These can often improve the performance of the site.

You also want to check the speed of your site. Sometimes websites can get bogged down, and that causes pages to be slow to load.

Security scans help to ensure the integrity of your site. Websites can get attacked by internet hackers, and you don’t want viruses spreading to your customers.

If you have any blog posts on your site, you want to make sure they stay current. It can look distracting to see an old post. Having recent articles may attract more customers because they make the site look current.

Check the website analytics for data. You can gain valuable insight by seeing how many clicks different pages get. You can also learn what your best-performing posts have been and update them.


Quality Site Maintenance

When you want to represent your company well, you need to pay attention to website maintenance. As a business owner, designing and building websites is probably not your specialty, which is why it’s important to work with professionals.

As a business owner, you know the value of making a positive first impression.Your company website is the way to make the best impression on current and future customers. It is the gateway into your products and services. If you have a business, you want customers, and your website is the tool to reach them.

If you’re ready to make sure your website is performing at its peak, contact us today. We have many years of experience helping business owners succeed. Let’s get started improving your site!
Ala Carte Pricing

  • Web & Graphic Design – starts at $200 per page
  • Website Migration – starts at $125 per hour
  • Competition Research – starts at $300 (3 Competitors)
  • Keyword Research – starts at $100
  • Toxic Backlinks Analysis and Removal – starts at $150
  • Blog w/ Images – starts at $100 per blog
  • Service Pages Rewrite – starts at $100 per page
  • Profile Quality Creation – starts at $20 per site
  • Social Media Posting – starts at $200/month (1 post per week from 5 platforms)
  • Website Maintenance and Fixing – starts at $125 per hour
  • Keyword Gap Strategy – starts at $200 per page
  • High Quality Backlink – starts at Starts at $100
  • Content Cluster Strategy – starts at $1800 (20 content clusters)


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