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Keyword Gap

When you want to bring more traffic to your site, keyword gap analysis is an essential tool. You want to know that you have the right tactics to rank on the first page of Google.

How do you strategize being on top? You need to know what your competition is doing. When you perform a keyword gap analysis, you will see the keywords that your competitor ranks for and keywords you do not.

Competition online is fierce. If you want to edge out your competition, you use the best tools and experts available. Utilizing keyword gap analysis is an important part of that approach.

Tell the World Your Specialty: Keywords

What Is a Keyword Gap?

A keyword gap is a search term that brings traffic to your competitors that draws no traffic to your site. That means there are potential keywords that you are not taking advantage of.

Ultimately, that means that they get a lot of traffic and you don’t, which costs you in terms of opportunities, sales, and building your brand. It might also mean that there are specific keywords your customers are using that you haven’t built content around, so even if someone lands on your site they aren’t going to get the information they need.

The best way to find and address keyword gaps is to work with a marketing agency like Local SEO Search. We can help you find ways to match your competitors while you focus on what you do best — running your business.

Why It Matters

The primary goal of SEO is to get traffic to your website. A keyword gap analysis shows the terms the top-ranking websites in your industry use for the best results. It also shows where they are missing terms so that you can gain an advantage.

A keyword gap analysis is an invaluable part of website optimization because it helps you recognize new keyword possibilities. You know these ideas are going to help you because they are already working for your competitors.

These analyses allow you to provide quality content for your audience and capture the audience you want at the perfect time. It also helps you keep that audience returning because now they know you have the content they enjoy.


Using Keyword Gap Analysis

When you want to get the perfect audience for your content, a professional SEO company can help. Our experts have years of experience helping small businesses succeed and know exactly how to pinpoint the keywords that matter.

We use search engine optimization tools to help find the keyword gaps. There are a variety available, which is why it’s helpful to use a marketing agency that already knows what works best for your situation.

The first step is to find your competitors. You may think you know who they are, but do yourself a favour and run a quick search. You can see who is ranking at the top of Google search results for key phrases related to your industry, or you can use a specific competitive analysis tool.

Once you know who your competition is, use SEO tools to find out what keywords they rank for compared to your ranking keywords. This allows you to see where each competitor is outdoing you, while also showcasing where you’re beating them.

Most tools allow you to sort the data. You can also download it into a file or export it to a document you can save for your reference.

Analyzing the Results

After executing the keyword gap analysis, you need to analyze your results to find out where you stand. Look at the data to see where you can get more value from keywords. When you work with us we take care of this analysis for you, allowing you time to focus on your business.

The report will show the top opportunities to rank for keywords. You can also see how your conversion rates are, based on the actions you hope that visitors will take when they visit your website.

Understanding this analysis and report can be challenging. If you are savvy with spreadsheets, you can sort the data and view it in different ways. However, it can be a lot easier to simply let experts take care of this for you.

Keyword Research

Actions Leads to Success

If you want to rank highly in Google , you need to ensure that you’re using all the right keywords. It can be hard to do that on your own, which is why analyzing your competitors and finding keyword gaps is so helpful.

As a business owner, you don’t have a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of SEO. Instead, work with an experienced SEO company so you get a team of professionals who know how to maximize digital leads and turn your website into a success.

We can provide engaging content focused on the right keywords and get readers to your site. If you’re ready to make sure you’re using all the tips and tricks your competitors are taking advantage of, let’s get started reviewing your keywords.
Ala Carte Pricing

  • Web & Graphic Design – starts at $200 per page
  • Website Migration – starts at $125 per hour
  • Competition Research – starts at $300 (3 Competitors)
  • Keyword Research – starts at $100
  • Toxic Backlinks Analysis and Removal – starts at $150
  • Blog w/ Images – starts at $100 per blog
  • Service Pages Rewrite – starts at $100 per page
  • Profile Quality Creation – starts at $20 per site
  • Social Media Posting – starts at $200/month (1 post per week from 5 platforms)
  • Website Maintenance and Fixing – starts at $125 per hour
  • Keyword Gap Strategy – starts at $200 per page
  • High Quality Backlink – starts at Starts at $100
  • Content Cluster Strategy – starts at $1800 (20 content clusters)


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