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Caledon Treeland Case Study: Traffic Generation

Caledon Resources Limited, more commonly known as Caledon Treeland, is a family-run tree nursery with a team of approximately 10 dedicated staff. They have over 20 years of experience in providing residential and commercial sites in central and southern Ontario with shade trees and evergreens of varying sizes. With the use of heavy machinery, Caledon Treeland supplies, transports, and plants mature trees (of up to 30 feet tall) at competitive prices.

Because local by-laws dictate that fences cannot be higher than eight feet, Caledon Treeland can plant trees that offer homes, offices, and other properties added aesthetic appeal, privacy, a deterrent to trespassers, and protection from strong winds.



Caledon Treeland offers a natural alternative to fences to help owners beautify and safeguard their property. They wanted to expand their client base, and ultimately boost sales and revenue. To accomplish this, they needed to attract more potential customers to their website to learn about Caledon Treeland, and what they offer.

Without a typical retail storefront, Caledon faced the challenge of increasing their visibility and establishing a greater brand awareness. They opted for a new website to reach customers searching on Google.

Unfortunately, after working with a few agencies, to manage their site, and provide search engine optimization, the results remained unimpressive.

The owner was looking for another option when John Vuong suggested a plan.


The primary goal of Caledon Treeland was to generate more traffic to the website, which would mean additional leads and more conversions. To achieve this goal, Local SEO Search helped improve their website on three fronts.

  • Better Landing Pages for each product and service were set up to help potential clients find relevant information quickly.
  • More Relevant Keywords were researched and chosen. These were incorporated into the Caledon Treeland website.
  • Increased Blogging allowed Caledon to establish itself as an authority and expert in the industry. This technique allowed an opportunity to use keywords naturally and be found more often in Google search.
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In the first year of Local SEO Search taking charge of the website and search engine optimization, the campaign

  1. increased traffic by over 97%
  2. conversion value increased by 129%
  3. grew leads by 2.3x

Over the years that Caledon Treeland has worked with Local SEO Search, their online marketing and SEO efforts continue to improve both website traffic and sales.

129% SALES

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