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Clarity Medspa & Laser Case Study: Explosive Business Growth

For clients who are tired of the one-size-fits-all spa experience, Clarity Medspa and Laser offers a unique approach. Their custom-fit services help clients get the best results available from a wide range of aesthetic and laser treatments.

A small company of only ten people, this highly-trained group was looking to grow their business beyond their normal word-of-mouth referral process. They knew SEO marketing could make a big difference.



Because their business was based on word-of-mouth marketing, their growth had been slow and was somewhat limited. Clarity Medspa & Laser’s founders were interested in expanding their reach and widening the client base.

The website was also outdated. It was not mobile-friendly because it was created when cell phones were less universally used than they are now. Because so much web traffic is now from smartphones, Clarity Medspa found its website’s functionality was very limited and they couldn’t effectively reach new clients.

Finally, Clarity Medspa’s founders struggled due to working with an SEO company in a completely different time zone. The relationship was strained and not working well for either party.


Local SEO Search helped Clarity Medspa rebuild their website from the ground up. The site was fully optimized so it would do better in Google Search results and was redesigned to be mobile-friendly as well. The website was focused on local keywords so the spa could attract nearby clients.

New content was created for the blog twice a month. This fresh content allowed Clarity Medspa to engage their visitors while also ranking more highly on Google. The spa no longer needed to buy Adwords advertising, helping them save money.

Finally, Local SEO Search helped Clarity Medspa claim and optimize their Google My Business listing, which improved their overall online presence and authority, as well as boosting their search rankings.

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The results speak for themselves. After working with Local SEO Search for three months, Clarity Medspa doubled their business.

The spa was getting a significant increase in traffic to their website, and those visitors were the ideal clients that Clarity Medspa was looking for.

Best of all, Clarity Medspa’s founders said their overall SEO expenditure dropped dramatically. They were getting better results for a fraction of their previous investment.

Because Local SEO Search is located in the same time zone and area as Clarity Medspa, it’s easy for the business owners to collaborate with the SEO firm. Questions and concerns are answered quickly and directly.

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