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TRH Group Case Study: Growing the Business Through Online Leads

TRH Group is a leading provider of safety and training solutions throughout North America. They are experts in occupational health and safety, and also provide consulting and legal services for those who are injured at work.

TRH Group works with organizations and employees all over Canada and North America.



TRH Group started by using salespeople and word-of-mouth recommendations to gain new clients. However, this method is limited in how effective it can be.

In order to grow and expand its client base more widely, TRH Group started looking for help with online marketing. The sales and marketing manager of TRH Group had a goal to build the business using search engine optimization (SEO). With this in mind, he reached out to John Vuong, founder of Local SEO Search.


To help TRH Group get more traffic and convert that traffic into ideal customers, the Local SEO Search Team took several steps. These included:

  • Keyword Research, with a focus on local terms that would bring in high-quality leads
  • Website Optimization using keywords, boosting speed, and making the site mobile-friendly
  • Content Creation, both for web pages and fresh blog content
  • Improved Web Design, improving the appearance and user-friendliness of the website

All of these changes made a significant impact on both the amount of traffic TRH Group received online and how well that traffic converted into new clients.


TRH Group saw an increase in their search engine ranking and traffic without having to use paid search advertising. Their site generates organic traffic on a regular basis, bringing new leads and customers to the company.

The TRH Group website is also in the top ten search results for several targeted local keywords. This helps them attract ideal leads from those areas and grow their business.

The TRH Group manager also notes that Vuong is easy to work with and very communicative. They receive high-quality results from Local SEO Search’s team of experts and love the focused, personalized service they receive.

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