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If you're ready to succeed in New Brunswick, we're here to help. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Your business can reach success by choosing our top-rated SEO agency. Let us help you grow with high-quality new clients today.


Get Your FREE SEO Analysis — Valued at $999

Plus, every New Brunswick business gets a complimentary 30-min SEO consultation

Forget the bland, vanilla New Brunswick SEO that other agencies provide. We’ll give you the specific SEO expertise that helps your business reach new heights.

Click below to call Local SEO Search for a complimentary 30-min consultation with owner and SEO expert, John Vuong (valued at $199).

You may also qualify for a 100% free in-depth SEO and keyword analysis. Customized for your specific needs, this audit takes our in-house SEO specialists up to 16 hours to complete. (It’s what most agencies charge for in your first month of service.)

Need Better Online Marketing in New Brunswick?

Get found naturally online by more potential customers while spending less

Our New Brunswick clients come to us with one of two growth issues.

Some are spending a lot on marketing, but reach prospects who aren’t ready to commit. The usual ads, including print, social media marketing, and even Google PPC, can quickly max out your marketing budget without bringing in good customers.

Others are working with an SEO company in New Brunswick but haven’t seen the results they need. This means they’re falling behind in search results and don’t know why their SEO isn’t working.

We help transform businesses like these every day with local SEO in New Brunswick that delivers a great return on investment.

Getting found naturally in Google search results is the best way to fill your funnel with excellent leads that have a great chance to become customers.

But getting those results on an ongoing basis takes effort. You need New Brunswick SEO experts that also cares about your success and business growth — and work hard to make it happen.

Discover the Local SEO Search Difference

Choose the Best Internet Marketing in New Brunswick

There’s a reason many New Brunswick businesses spend so much and still aren’t getting the results they need

Providing the best SEO services in New Brunswick takes commitment and a focused understanding of your business goals. We’re proud that our clients say Local SEO Search goes the extra mile every time.

With Local SEO Search you get:

  • Experience: We have worked with over 10,000 local New Brunswick businesses in all sectors across Canada and have a collective SEO experience of over 4 decades.
  • Personal Service: You’ll notice the difference in our boutique agency from the first time you call us. The ongoing relationships we build with our customers are vital and we are only a call away no matter what you need.
  • Commitment: Our goal is to help your business reach success over the long haul, and our clients are our number one priority. In order to win with SEO, you need an SEO specialist in New Brunswick that has the passion to bring you to the forefront of your market. We do, which is why so many of our clients have stuck with us over the long term.
  • Honesty: Clients can tell from the start that we are focused on their success. From the start, we are clear with what you can expect from your SEO services in New Brunswick. No false promises!
  • Results: Our focus is about more than ranking you at the top of Google search results. We want to see your business reach new levels of success by bringing in more of the right customers to fill your pipeline. We gauge our success by your ROI.

Local SEO Search put us on the map in terms of our digital presence. Thanks to their efforts, our company is at the forefront of offering bus services online in our area. We receive 5–10 quotes per day from our online forum alone.

Parkinson Coach LinesOperations Manager

Let us show you why Local SEO Search is the best boutique search agency for your New Brunswick business. Click for a complimentary consultation with owner, John Vuong.

What You’ll Get with Local SEO Search

We use the top SEO strategies to grow your New Brunswick business

Have peace of mind while your marketing is taken care of by our team of 30 staff. Your dedicated SEO expert in New Brunswick is always easy to reach.

We want to provide you with the best SEO services in New Brunswick, so every step of your marketing campaign is managed in-house and never outsourced.

From start to finish, we’ll have our finger on the heartbeat of your Google rankings at every step.

Our clients in companies throughout the country will tell you we are invested in our clients’ success. Our long-term relationships are essential to us. You can call our clients directly to hear why Local SEO Search works harder than any other SEO agency in New Brunswick to get you results.

Get Full Clarity on Your Marketing Spend
When you choose to work with an SEO agency, you ought to know exactly where your marketing dollars are going. At Local SEO Search, we are completely honest with you about the ROI you can expect from your SEO marketing.

With our easy-to-read reports, you don’t have to be an SEO expert to understand your results. We show you what new customers are coming via search and how your SEO marketing is bringing you leads who are ready to buy now.

What You Really Need to Rank in Google — All Included
Other SEO companies charge for “extras” like creating web pages, blogs, and more (and sometimes throw in a set-up fee). With Local SEO services, the SEO package that is prepared especially for your business includes all you need to rank in search.

Your Complete Full-Service Local SEO in New Brunswick
You have a company to run, so you have enough on your hands. That’s why we take full responsibility for your SEO marketing. We take the lead on getting you the results that help you reach your goals and our team works hard to do whatever it takes for your company to rank in search.

Personalized Service from Our Full-Service New Brunswick Team
We want you to feel confident about your SEO marketing, knowing you can pick up the phone and call us anytime. Our partnership with you is the most important thing to us. When you book your free consultation, you’ll find out why we’re known as the SEO company with the personal touch.

Start with a Free SEO Consultation
You’ll see the difference in working with Local SEO Search before you even sign up. Request a no-cost consultation and see if you qualify for a free in-depth SEO audit — valued at $999.

Get The Best Value For SEO Services in New Brunswick

Use SEO to succeed with a lower marketing budget

Too many SEO firms make big promises and then they can’t deliver once you’ve signed up. At Local SEO Search, we always deliver what we promise — an incredible value.

From your first contact with us, we’ll always be up front and honest. You’ll only get an offer if we have confidence that we can deliver clear, easy-to-see ROI in your first year of service.

What kind of ROI? Our clients are now paying far less for traditional marketing and pay-per-click ads. Their phones are ringing consistently and they’re getting new, ready-to-buy customers quickly and for less cost.

Full-service, custom-made SEO packages start at $1,000/month. We create each marketing plan based on your unique business needs. Pricing varies based on location, competitiveness and number of high-potential keywords. There are no surprise extras with Local SEO Search. Everything you need to be found effortlessly by your ideal customers is included.

Let’s Talk New Brunswick SEO

Request your free SEO consultation from Local SEO Search

Your business isn’t the same as other local businesses in New Brunswick. Get SEO strategy guidance that is targeted to your business success. It starts with your no-obligation, 100% complimentary consultation.

If you’re ready to use SEO to achieve new levels of success, it’s time to see if you qualify for an in-depth competitive analysis and keyword research report — at no cost. (Valued at $999.)

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