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How do Google and human visitors understand what your website is about? It’s all about the content on your pages. Everything from your homepage to your About Us, Services, and blog posts talk about your niche and expertise.

You can share this information through text, images, audio, and video. As you do, you’ll be answering key customer questions — Why should they listen? What do you offer? How does it improve their lives?

To make sure Google understands your page, you need the right keywords. When you rank well for the right keywords, you’ll show up in search results for customers who need your services now and are ready to buy. In order to make that happen, you need expert content optimization.

The first step is identifying the right keywords. You need phrases that are relevant to your industry but aren’t so general that the competition is high. Also, some terms show more of an intent to buy now than others.

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Then, you need those phrases spread throughout your website. From headers to meta tags, our team will make sure that the keywords you want to target are the ones Google focuses on. When your site is properly optimized, your website will bring in leads for you on a regular basis, which is the overall goal of SEO!

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    The Power of Local SEO Content Optimization

    Some businesses wonder if SEO is worthwhile because they are small local companies. The truth is small businesses have a distinct advantage when it comes to content optimization — locally focused keywords. With the right local SEO strategy, you can dominate your local market and local competitors.

    When someone needs an auto mechanic, hairdresser, plumber, or landscaper, they can’t just pick anyone in the country. Those customers are specifically looking for someone nearby, in their local area. As a result, they’re more likely to search “plumber in Allenby” than simply “plumbing services.”

    Our content optimization experts will identify the local keywords that will mean the most to your business and optimize your website accordingly. We’ll also give advice about Google My Business and how to build up your reviews.

    People who search for services using local keywords are often the most ready to buy, so you can’t afford to overlook these leads. Let us help you with local content optimization today!

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