Get Found Organically in Search Results and Grow Your Business with The Right B2B SEO Agency

What is B2B SEO and Why Do You Need It?

Do you run a B2B company in industry, or perhaps a SaaS company? Running B2B focused businesses or software companies is a challenge. You have so much to manage, and your sales process in Business to Business or the SaaS industry is much longer than traditional B2C marketing. It’s an entirely different business model, and marketing for manufacturers is very different from other types of outreach.

How can you find the time to market your B2B or SaaS products and services and build recognizable brand awareness when you’re so busy? You probably have a marketing team, but how can it be easier?

The answer is simple — SEO strategy for B2B or SaaS companies can turn your website into a lead generation tool that never takes a break or needs a day off. Search engine optimization can revolutionize your business and help you lead your industry. From SEO for manufacturers to digital marketing for industrial products, we can help.

Google and customers alike love high quality content that is focused on the specific topics your clients are asking about online. Interesting, useful content shows that you’re an authority in your niche and helps people in your target audience trust you before they even contact you for a demo. SEO for B2B can improve your lead generation and sales.

A B2B and SaaS SEO agency can help you meet your target audience where they are while drawing them closer to your company. When you consistently put out informative, optimized content for your business, search engines reward you for your investment in B2B SEO strategy. You will do better in search engine results pages because Google focuses on websites that answer relevant questions with excellent content.

Even if B2B or SaaS businesses are doing everything right, if you don’t have solid SEO for B2B companies, you won’t do well in search results and get the organic traffic and new customers your company needs to grow. It’s tough to get the right B2B SEO agency on your side. And here’s the truth.

Most B2B SEO Service is Too Expensive — or Too Cheap

There’s no question that your company needs to work with a B2B or SaaS company SEO expert. A service like SEO for manufacturing companies is an investment you pay for in the beginning that keeps generating new leads and customers over the long haul — unlike traditional marketing. But SEO can be too expensive as well. You may be wasting your investment if:

  • You’re trying to create an SEO campaign on your own when you could be spending time on what you do best
  • Your B2B or Software as a Service company tries to do SEO without an effective B2B SEO strategy, so you don’t manage to rank well on Google or reach your target audience.
  • Your SEO strategy brings in organic traffic to your B2B or SaaS website, but it isn’t relevant traffic and never becomes a lead or a customer
  • Most B2B companies realize they need help with B2B SEO services. Unfortunately, many SEO firms provide vanilla, uninspiring SEO content. This “thin content” doesn’t make your prospects feel like you are an expert and they can trust you enough to set up a demo. 

There is a better way, however. It starts with a 100% free consultation.

Our Business to Business and SaaS SEO company can tell you what’s working on your website, what’s not, and why — and help you start investing in an SEO strategy for B2B companies that grows your business the right way. If you’re looking for a high-quality SEO agency for B2B companies, we’re here to help.

Get Better B2B Search Engine Optimization

Get Better B2B Search Engine Optimization

At our marketing agency for manufacturers and B2B companies, we use keyword research to create the B2B or SaaS SEO services that get the right kind of organic traffic to your website – those interested in what you offer who are ready to become your best clients. The SEO service we provide as part of your monthly service package is:

  • Authoritative: Our B2B and SaaS SEO company will help your online marketing prove you’re the best at what you do and that your service is exactly what users need. When it does, you’ll get links and shares from other high-quality sites, which will boost your ranking
  • Optimized for SEO: We create an SEO campaign so everything that is posted on your business website uses the targeted keywords you need to rank well on Google and attract ideal long-term B2B or SaaS customers
  • Targeted: Your website will engage the right potential customers, keep them on your website longer, and encourage them to call you for next steps. 
  • Our B2B and SaaS SEO services experts provide services from blogging to link building that drive the organic growth of your business over the long term — and it’s all included when you work with Local SEO Search.

Your Business Is One-of-a-Kind — And Your B2B Search Engine Optimization Should Be, Too

It’s a best practice to understand the unique challenges facing a business before creating a marketing strategy. We need to know exactly what it takes to drive leads for your business. That’s why our SEO company gets a deep understanding your B2B company first. Whether it’s digital marketing for manufacturers or digital marketing for distributors, we want to get it right. 

Before creating the B2B or Software as a Service SEO and marketing plan that help customers discover you online, we:

  • Study how your current organic traffic is connecting with your business website — and where they’re dropping off
  • Uncover the exact questions and target priority keywords with appropriate search volume that your ideal customers are entering into search engines
  • Find out how your B2B products or SaaS software meet customers’ needs better than your competitors do
  • Understand what leads need to feel confident calling your company and create the content marketing for manufacturers or other B2B organizations accordingly
  • Audit your competitors’ B2B SEO marketing efforts in terms of internal linking and SEO results to discover how you can stay at the top of your industry

Find out how a B2B SEO specialist can bring in more traffic and grow your business with SEO with digital marketing for manufacturers and other B2B companies. Book a call with owner and B2B SEO expert, John Vuong today!

Local SEO Search Marketing Agency Services

B2B SEO marketing and content go together perfectly to bring in inbound leads, and that’s why you get both when you choose to work with us here at Local SEO Search.

Your B2B or SaaS SEO strategy is designed and implemented entirely in-house, with oversight from your SEO expert. We look for long tail keywords and build your domain authority to increase inbound leads. We take advantage of B2B SEO best practices to create SEO for manufacturers and other B2B companies. It’s a key part of the approach our B2B SEO agency uses to help your business grow.

SEO Strategies

During onboarding, our digital agency creates a B2B SEO strategy blueprint specifically for your business. We start with an SEO audit, and then our creative team works with a B2B SEO specialist to develop a one-of-a-kind B2B SEO plan in conference with you. We find the most valuable keywords based on search intent and create on page SEO and off page strategies. You’ll be surprised at the unique methods our B2B SEO agency can come up with to create authoritative websites and bring long-term clients to your business!

Content Creation

Most B2B companies need dependable new blog content to keep their website fresh. You likely also need more core web pages or landing pages detailing your products and services and driving organic traffic to your sign-up page. You might need help adding structured data to improve your search results. As your marketing partner, we provide all of this in your SEO package. Our digital marketing agency includes everything you need for the content creation process, including content marketing strategy, research, writing and editing.


You can hand off your SEO strategy with total confidence. That’s because as part of our work as the best B2B SEO agency, our digital agency takes responsibility for publishing content to your website and social media accounts according to the content marketing strategy. Everything is laid out beautifully by our design team and is carefully triple-checked before it goes live. Our goal is always to get more traffic through organic search results.

Blogger Outreach and White Hat Link Building Services

Sometimes your website content marketing needs a boost to do well on Google. Google will rank a site with high-quality inbound links more highly, but link building can be time-consuming. As a top B2B SEO agency, we offer a blogger outreach service to create guest posts for link building and getting more of the traffic you need to scale your business. A strong backlink profile from trustworthy websites is a proven methodology to make a big difference in search results.

SEO Monitoring

Successful SEO is all about tracking the right metrics. Our B2B SEO agency uses Google analytics and other tools to keep an eye on everything so we know what’s working and can make things better. Our team also monitors your competitors’ SEO strategies so you can lead the way in your industry.

Interested in getting all this as part of your monthly SEO marketing? We’re easy to reach, whether you prefer phone calls or email. Click the button to get a free consultation.

How Does Your Website Look?

SEO, link building, and other strategies help turn your website into one of the best B2B lead services available, but what do visitors find when they get to your site? If your website is outdated or doesn’t have a good content strategy, you might lose someone before they ever set up a demo.

Local SEO Search can help you get high-quality web design along with your online B2B marketing services. We have a variety of web design options, from using a customized WordPress template to giving you an entirely custom design. With all design, we build lead generation and conversion rate improvements into the website. Reach out today to learn more about our website design services.

When you work with the right company, you’ll get the excellent design and optimization you need. With a high-quality website, you can become an industry leader and grow your company more effectively.

B2B Digital Marketing Pricing and Packages

SaaS Digital Marketing Pricing and Packages

Full-service, custom packages providing B2B SEO start at $1,000/month. We create the SEO plan based on your company’s unique digital marketing needs. Pricing varies based on location, competitiveness and the number of high-potential relevant keywords you plan to target. Keyword rankings can be more competitive for specific terms.

There are no surprise extra charges when you work with Local SEO Search. From blogs to link building to great conversion rates, everything you need to be found naturally on Google search by new customers is included.

Why Work with Our SEO Agency for SaaS Companies and B2B Businesses?

Great search marketing on a high-quality B2B website will improve your online presence, capture the interest of your ideal customers, bring in qualified leads, and represent your business on the web in a way that you’re proud of. At the same time, it needs to reflect your unique business objectives.

Getting that formula correct can’t be left to chance. You need a B2B SEO expert that has a broad range of experience: content analysis and creation, SEO, and business growth. That’s what our innovative team offers when you work with Local SEO Search.

Your unique SEO strategy will be by our in-house team and Content Manager. Every element of technical SEO will be optimized — not just to rank well, but to be found by the right potential customers who are ready to schedule a demonstration.

Because we’ve worked with thousands of local companies throughout Canada, we bring a depth of understanding other agencies can’t. Local business is our specialty, and we are B2B SaaS SEO experts. We’ve mastered uncovering what leads look for and creating SEO that helps build brand awareness, making us one of the top SEO agencies in Canada.

What Do Our Customers Say?

You know that word-of-mouth is everything, so what do our customers have to say about us? A lot, as it turns out! Take a look at our testimonials and success stories to hear from them today.

Also, look at the facts — our case studies show precisely what we’ve been able to accomplish for other small businesses. Our clients consistently see better website traffic, more leads, and more long-term customers. We have a proven track record of success. Would you like to achieve results the way our happy clients have?

If so, it’s time to get B2B SEO services from a high-quality firm like Local SEO Search. Our clients are spending less than ever on traditional marketing while continuing to improve customer acquisition and scalable growth quickly.

Qualify for $999 in Free SEO Consulting

Qualify for $999 in Free SEO Consulting

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If you’re ready to grow with a targeted SEO approach, you may be eligible for a FREE in-depth competitive analysis and data driven keyword research recommendations report. We use this to identify keyword opportunities so we can create high-quality engaging content and help you achieve better rankings. Valued at $999, these technical SEO audits are what many agencies charge for in your first month. 

When you start with accurate, clear data, you can start using SEO for B2B companies and building links that help you gain market share even if you don’t advertise traditionally at all.

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