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Do Television Advertisements Still Work?

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“People don’t really watch television ads.”

Do you agree with this statement: Do TV advertisements make sense for businesses? Are they still relevant or are brands better off putting their ad budget with other forms of media? It’s a fact that an advertisement you see on television is only effective if there is a large audience watching those TV ads. But how many of us have gone to the kitchen or bathroom during commercial breaks? We rush to grab a snack or a grab a drink when your favorite TV show goes to commercial. And what about those people not rushing for a bathroom break? They are the ones left on the couch watching the ads or are they? Have you reached for your smartphone during a commercial break to check your emails, social media, play some games on your phone, etc. It is harder today than ever to fully engage with your audience with TV advertisements because there are so many other forms of media to choose from. Why do businesses still want to spend millions of dollars in TV advertising if there are less people pay attention to them?

Do Television Advertisements Still Work?

So why still advertise on TV?

You must be consistent throughout your message and brand and the more places your consumer can see your ad, (TV, online, billboards, magazines, newspapers) the more familiar they will be with your company. A familiar product to consumers always trumps one that is unknown. So when you go to the supermarket and see the long line of detergents at Aisle 8, you will only pick the ones you’re familiar with because you’ve seen it before. Television ads are great for large brands conveying a strong message to a large audience.


Today’s buzz in advertising focuses on personalization. This means using digital media in conveying ads to specific demographics. But why is television advertising still taking a big chunk of the global advertising market? The answer is television is a great medium for large audiences at that one specific time during the day. Television allows the audience to enjoy some downtime from the rigorous checking of emails, social media, blogs, etc. and provides some downtime and rest while enjoying your favorite show. Today television has been transformed to ON DEMAND services where you can skip those ads and just watch your favorite TV show or movie. With more ON DEMAND services appearing and Internet TV streaming services such as Youtube becoming more mainstream, personalization is transforming now onto your television.

Television ads reach millions of people all at once. They engage both the visual and audible senses of their audience to send out a message for branding purposes while creating an emotional connection and ads create a familiarity that goes beyond awareness and brand recognition.

The Internet has not yet overtaken TV advertisings budget however more and more businesses are moving towards digital advertising where your ad spend can be better tracked, personalized and quantified. TV advertisers are becoming more creative and providing a better customer experience today more than ever before.

To conclude, the big-budget TV commercials still dominate and brands still need TV to build awareness. Television ads will still reach millions of people in a unique way that your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet will ever do.

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