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How Can I Promote My Website: 5 Strategies

Home » Business advice » How Can I Promote My Website: 5 Strategies
How Can I Promote My Website: 5 Strategies
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Your business website is the most important online asset you have. It’s similar to your physical storefront — it’s the only place online where you can control the content, layout, and connection to your customers.

However, if no one can find your website, it’s not going to help your business grow. How can you spread the word about your business, brand, and site? There are several ways, and they help build awareness about your company and bring in new customers.

Here are five strategies you can use to promote your business website today!

Share on Social Media

The best way to reach your ideal audience is to figure out where they spend time, and then spread your message on that platform. For most small and medium-sized businesses, that means being active on social media.

There are dozens of different social media platforms, and even if you narrow it down to the most popular there are still four to five. Avoid the overwhelm by picking just one or two to start with. The goal is to be where your customers are consistently, sharing information that’s helpful and joining in existing conversations.

For example, if you’re a landscaper that could mean joining local homeowner’s groups and helping give advice about caring for a lawn. You can answer questions and occasionally offer your services directly.

Engaging with your ideal target market on social media is one of the best ways to promote your website.

Create Guest Blogs

What can you do to move beyond social media, but still attract the attention of your ideal customers? Why not guest blog on a related website? 

To stick with the landscaping example, there are a lot of family-oriented blogs that would welcome an expert post about preparing your yard for summer. By sharing that information and having it posted, you gain access to their audience. The audience appreciates the advice and sees you as an authority

Most guest blogs also include a link to the writer’s website, which is where promoting your site comes in. People who need your services or want to learn more can visit your website and connect with your business directly.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best answers to “How can I promote my website?” When you optimize your website for the keywords that your ideal customers use when looking for information about your products and services, you’ll be able to connect with people when they are ready to act.

SEO is more than keywords, however. You also need to share informative content and build your overall online reputation and presence. Google focuses on putting the more authoritative and relevant content on Page One, and it takes time for them to recognize your website in this way.

Be consistent with your SEO and over time, your rankings — and your website traffic — will climb.

Take Advantage of Google My Business

Your Google My Business (GMB) page is essential for your company’s online presence and reputation. Because Google is the search engine you want to rank well in, and Google My Business is owned by the same company, you need to have a complete GMB page in order to fully promote your website online.

Google My Business lists a great deal of information about your company, including your physical location, hours of operation, website address, and more. Someone nearby who looks for “landscapers near me” might see your GMB page even if your normal website isn’t ranking highly yet.

A complete GMB page also gives customers confidence that you are a legitimate company with a history of excellent service. Don’t overlook the power of a Google My Business listing.

Get High-Quality Reviews

People trust other people’s online reviews. That’s why having high-quality reviews is essential as you promote your website and business. The best place to have reviews is your Google My Business page, but you can also get reviews on Yelp, social media, and other directories.

Make asking for reviews part of your sales process, preferably right after a successful purchase. When your staff asks for reviews on a regular basis, you’re much more likely to get them. Over time, your review profile will have a lot of excellent reviews which will build your reputation.

Don’t be afraid of bad reviews. No customer will expect you to be perfect. The focus when you see a bad review is to apologize and offer to resolve the issue privately. That shows that you care about customer service but aren’t going to argue in public.

Don’t be shy — ask for and respond to reviews!

Promote Your Website Today

You wouldn’t build a retail store and not tell anyone the address, and you don’t want to create a website that no one can find. Instead, promote your website on a variety of platforms. Start with social media, take advantage of guest posting, and use SEO and Google My Business. 

Do you need assistance with digital marketing and SEO? Local SEO Search can help. We’ve worked with thousands of small businesses and helped them succeed online. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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