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Why Online-Based Businesses Should Invest in Local Citations

Home » Link Building » Why Online-Based Businesses Should Invest in Local Citations
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Some business owners think that local citations are only for businesses with a physical location. Most of them do not realize that even if they’re solely an os, they can still invest in local citations and take advantage of their benefits. You may think that making these efforts is unnecessary and irrelevant to an online business. However, the potential gains are something that should not be  ignored.

For online-based businesses, it is highly likely that local citations are not a priority at the moment. To understand what you can really get out of this kind of focus, consider these reasons why you should invest in local citations:

Local citations are a great method to gain quality links.

There are local sites that will explain what your business is about and what you offer to your customers. These sites will usually link to different pages of your site – mostly to your product pages. By making these connections, you will be able to gain a network of links for your site. These are quality links will help improve your profile.

Local citations help increase your site’s domain authority.

When you have quality links, you boost your site’s domain authority. If your site has a high domain authority, your site will rank highly on search engine results. When this happens, you will likely get more organic traffic to your site.


Google search engine will trust you.

Search engines prefer sites with plenty of quality local links. These local links are signals that tell search engines that your website is legitimate. Placing your business information on these citation sites informs Google that your site can be trusted.

Users will trust you.

Local citation sites have their own audience. These users trust the authority of these websites so having your business listed on those sites is a great advantage. These sites provide more credibility to yours, creating user trust. Thus, your site’s traffic increases.


You can beat your competitors through local citations.

Local links can help you beat your competitors. Even if you do not have a physical location, you will still be able to rank high because of  search queries done by local customers. Take note that the location where your domain is registered can be listed as your physical location in a local citation site. It may be your office space or home address (if you’re working from home). Aside from that, local citations allow your site to rank competitively on long tail search terms, increasing your online visibility — and not just in search engine results.

Now that you know why you should invest in local citations, here are two quick and easy ways how to  find relevant and quality sources for your business:

Do a quick search.

Look for sites that offer business listings. To make it more geographically-specific, make sure to add the city or state in your search query. It is also a good strategy to check where your competitors have listed themselves.

Search for industry-relevant listings.

You will be able to come up with a list of sites that are relevant to your industry. In the 2016 Expert Citation Survey done by BrighLocal, the results of their studies show that industry relevance is the most important factor when selecting local citation sites.

brightlocal data

Make sure to have your business listed on these sites as they can be a great source for quality business listing and link opportunities.

In conclusion, it does not matter if your business has a physical location. Even if you are an online-based business, you can still invest in local citations and reap the same benefits as businesses that do have a physical location. Local citations let you take advantage of improved online visibility and increased traffic.

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