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Building Your Brand with a Little Creativity

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There is so much content throughout the Internet. Business owners — both new and old — may wonder: how does Google sort it all? If you know the basics of website SEO, you want to be relevant and organic and an authority for your industry. Additional SEO success can come from using a little innovation, and, if you’re not shy, “putting yourself out there.”

One Businesswoman’s Success


Many people know Barbara Corcoran from the TV show “Shark Tank.” She’s a globally known, successful business owner. But when she was new and struggling, she tirelessly self-promoted. She established herself as a reliable source of information for newspapers and media.

You can do something similar. By letting local radio, TV news, and newspapers know that you can speak authoritatively about your business, you might be surprised to find they will put you on air to comment about a local event or topic! This kind of “earned media” can be attained by putting out a press release, or through innovative web page design.

What is your most popular service? What do you do best? What are you known for? Do you have a unique technique? If you brand what is special about your business in an innovative way, people will pay attention. Do this online as well as through your “pitches” to media. If you book an appearance, you’ll likely be listed on the TV/radio/newspaper’s website. Ask them to link back to your homepage, and you’ll be more appealing to search engines and your rankings will rise.


Consider Sponsored Content

You can also pay for sponsored content. This, too, can help your search visibility. And, as a plus, most of these sites stay live indefinitely. Keep in mind that if you’re paying for content on a news or entertainment site, you can request promotion through their social media as well. Ask that they tag you when they do. Request this social media “perk” before you sign a contract.

When getting started, look at what works for existing advertisers. What are local residents reading and watching? Or, if you have a business that might appeal to people visiting your area, how do you tap into that audience? Again, some brainstorming and creativity might have huge payoffs. Once you have a plan, do a local news site search for paid media opportunities and call/email sales reps for purchasing information.


Use Reviews

It never hurts to ask your current customers to review their experience. First, you’ll gain valuable insight into how you conduct your business, and correct mistakes. Second, you might be able to take the positive reviews and post customer feedback online. People trust testimonials.

Build a community of clients/customers who are dying to share their experience, and ask the really enthusiastic ones to do video testimonials you’ll post both on your site and YouTube. Again, you’ll be creating links and establishing your business as top in its field. Make sure those videos are optimized for mobile devices as well.

A lot of these ideas may seem challenging, but with the guidance of an experienced SEO team they are completely doable. Contact Local SEO Search at 416-888-8756 and we’ll help you find your own unique, creative, out-of-the-box ideas that will grab the attention (and links) that draw attention to your brand and business.


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