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Customer reviews are one factor that hugely affects your company’s reputation both online and offline. Users trust your business more when they read positive reviews. After reading less than ten reviews, 90% of users form an opinion about your business. If they only see negative reviews, they form a bad impression about your business.
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There is so much content throughout the Internet. Business owners -- both new and old -- may wonder: how does Google sort it all? If you know the basics of website SEO, you want to be relevant and organic and an authority for your industry.
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Local SEO is a common strategy that is often used to drive business via online searches. Compared to standard SEO, you can use local SEO to stack the odds in your favor by increasing the chances of getting the right audience. A smart Local SEO strategy can be executed by targeting combination keywords and the...
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Ever wonder if you are taking your online venture in the right direction? One of the fastest and easiest way to figure out how your business is fairing towards consumers is by asking them! Customer reviews are invaluable for several reasons in which, used properly, has the potential to sky rocket traffic towards your business....
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