Content Marketing
Content continues to be king, but the term “content” has expanded to include a lot of media that many small businesses don’t think about. Today, you’re not just writing blog posts. You’re also interacting on social media, creating and sharing videos, making infographics, writing white papers and research reports, and more.
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There is so much content throughout the Internet. Business owners -- both new and old -- may wonder: how does Google sort it all? If you know the basics of website SEO, you want to be relevant and organic and an authority for your industry.
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Mother Nature gives us four seasons. Brick-and-mortar grocery stores notice the variations in seasonal products, and improve sales by using different colour schemes and marketing campaigns. Even if you don’t deal in produce, are you missing a prime opportunity by failing to include seasonal SEO in your marketing strategy?
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Infographics are beneficial for many reasons when creating content designed to promote a business. The use of charts, tables or graphs from a reliable source helps establish credibility. They also help legitimize a business as being an expert on a subject.
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business blog in Canada
If you're the author of a business blog in Canada, your goal should be to promote it to the general public. The best way to do so is by trying to boost your blog's rankings on search engines. If you want better rankings for your blog through popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and...
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