Home » Internet marketing » Content Creation: How to Make Fabulous, Hard-hitting, and Accessible Content

Content Creation: How to Make Fabulous, Hard-hitting, and Accessible Content

Home » Internet marketing » Content Creation: How to Make Fabulous, Hard-hitting, and Accessible Content
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One of the reasons that so many Internet marketers outsource their writing work to contractors is because they want their content to really pop. Whether you are an editor, a marketing expert, or content producer yourself, it is crucial that you get a good education in content marketing. Understanding effective content marketing will help you hire the best possible writer if you are not writing the content for your website on your own, and if you are a writer it will help you deliver hard-hitting content consistently to your clients.

Create Content that Sells

How exactly does one create excellent content that draws viewers in and retains their attention? It is crucial to minimize bounce rate on your website by creating excellent content that entraps your visitors and convinces them to browse your website. You cannot accomplish this feat by creating content that is boring or robotic in tone. You have to reach out to the viewer and grab them by finding common ground. Normally, this means humanizing your products and services by engaging your visitors in a way that gets them to see why your product or service can help them directly rather than boasting about how wonderful or unique your offering is.

Using Editorial Calendars

You can be organized and also retain your creative spark at the same time. Oftentimes, people forget that creativity and regimented organizational skills go hand-in-hand and complement each other. We recommend speaking with people on your team to find out what works best for you and your company. Organizationally speaking, some teams work better with different types of editorial calendars than others. It’s something that you will have to discover through trial and error, and communication can help you along the way.


The one thing that we do know is that staying organized and on top of your schedule is absolutely crucial when it comes to content creation. If you are working with a multitude of different brands and agencies, you will probably want to use something like Evernote, Excel, or Google Docs to keep track of your ongoing projects. This can dramatically improve workflow and efficiency within your team.

Google Drive in particular has become a very popular tool for businesses of all types. Since Google Drive documents can easily be shared and are fully integrated with mobile, it is a natural choice for businesses on the go who are constantly engaged in high-level content creation for world-class clients. You can easily share your calendars and assign permissions to your team in order to oil the gears and make your content war machine work at optimal performance levels.

Finding the Right Authors

You and your content marketing team will ultimately have to decide whether in-house authors or freelance contractors work better for your purposes. Generally speaking, your in-house content creators are going to be making your broad and shallow content, while your freelancers and guest authors are going to be tackling deep, specialized content narrowly targeted toward your audience.


With in-house authors, you have an element of loyalty to the company as well as your team, and they will generally have faster turnaround times and a higher capacity for extra work. Freelance authors on the other hand are essentially free agents and wildcards. You will have to do a little bit of vetting before you find reliable freelance authors that you can hire on a regular basis.

While in-house authors may initially seem more appealing to most companies, do not make the mistake of undervaluing outsourced content creators, who are experts in their field and in many cases can create content that your in-house authors simply cannot create with a lack of specialist knowledge.

Quality Beats Quantity

Telling you that “Content is King” is a little bit like beating a dead horse at this point, but it’s absolutely true and bears repeating. The goal is to create effective content that really works well for what you’re trying to accomplish. Instead of releasing low quality blanket content, consider the power of creating a few highly-effective posts that hit your visitors hard and reinforce your brand image and aesthetics.


These tips will vary depending on your situation, but the general principles remain the same.

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