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It’s pretty common knowledge that search engine optimization (SEO) can dramatically improve your site and its rankings on search engine results. Since this field is constantly changing, errors and technical issues can crop up. However, most website owners tend to focus on bigger issues without knowing that there are smaller aspects that are important to...
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Some business owners think that local citations are only for businesses with a physical location. Most of them do not realize that even if they’re solely an os, they can still invest in local citations and take advantage of their benefits. You may think that making these efforts is unnecessary and irrelevant to an online...
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It is now evident that any suspected trail of unnatural outbound linking on your website will earn you a penalty from Google. It was reported a few weeks ago that Google would start to issue a number of penalties to websites with unnatural or artificial outbound links and we have now observed through industry news...
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Google Penguin 4.0 is a major update to the software add-in that launched in 2012. The objective of the program remains the same, to catch the sites the search engine determines to be spamming its results pages and falsifying results through link networks.
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The deal is this, Yahoo and Google are now joining forces in a deal for search results. For the average computer user, search engine optimization or SEO is probably not something they’re normally concerned with or even aware of. SEO, is how search engines determine web page rankings.
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Ever wonder if you are taking your online venture in the right direction? One of the fastest and easiest way to figure out how your business is fairing towards consumers is by asking them! Customer reviews are invaluable for several reasons in which, used properly, has the potential to sky rocket traffic towards your business....
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