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SEO Lead Services vs. Paid Leads: Which Should You Choose?

Home » Internet marketing » SEO Lead Services vs. Paid Leads: Which Should You Choose?
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Which online strategy is better: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC)? We all want a straightforward answer. Unfortunately, it isn’t a yes or no question.

Your online marketing strategy is specific to your business. Success depends on your goal, your market, and your company’s current situation. Every company needs SEO tailored to their particular case.

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The first step in every marketing effort is to understand your customers. How do potential clients search online? Do they value organic search results, or paid advertisements? When you know your audience it’s easy to choose SEO lead services, PPC or a combination as the best way to reach them.

There are pros and cons to both methods. Sometimes, it makes sense to use both organic and paid search methods. Let’s take a closer look at how SEO and/or PPC fit into your marketing plans.

What is an SEO Lead?

People find companies online through search engines

Everyone searches online for things they want and need. In fact, 68% of online experiences begin with search. They search for gadgets, dentists, products, information, entertainment, and much more. SEO is the way you increase the visibility of your website in a search engine’s unpaid results. These unpaid results are natural, organic, and earned search results.

Visitors who land on your site by way of unpaid search engine results are organic traffic. You want to appear at the top of these search results to generate organic leads, also known as SEO leads. Organic traffic builds at a slow. You need to build content assets to grow organic visibility. After you build your site and create content, you gain SEO leads. If you don’t have the staff to develop your site and content, you’ll have outsourcing costs.

Appearing in search results is the first step in cultivating a lead. Your audience finds you online, then you nurture them into a customer. Organic search traffic also attracts new customers. It can convert visitors into clients. If you don’t show up in search results, people won’t find you. If they don’t find you, they’ll discover another company.

How do you improve your rank in search engine results? You need a strategy. Keep reading to learn which factors improve your site for SEO lead generation.

Strategy for Strong SEO Lead Services

SEO requires a structured approach

Strong SEO makes your website pages appealing to search engines. You want Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines to see your pages as useful and informative. If you want the best Google search engine optimization in Toronto your site needs the right info. A website about Houston, Texas won’t rank in a search about Toronto. Google search engine optimization for Canada helps, but the specific city name gets better results.

To show search engines your website is relevant, pay attention to:

  • Loading Speed

No one waits for pages to load. Proper website design means your website loads fast.

  • Site Organization

Build each page of your site with all the words and definitions related to your topic. Use proper semantics for subheadings using H tags.

  • Using the Right Keywords

Optimize each page for keywords related to searches done by your target audience.

  • Headlines with Primary Keywords

Include primary keywords in your page titles and subheadings. Don’t stuff pages with keywords. But, include them in at least one sub-head and in the text.

  • Adding Alt Text to Images

Add alternative attributes like alt text to images. Describe the images using keywords. Include text near the images that explain them.

  • Using Keyword-Rich Meta Descriptions

Use meta descriptions that include keywords. They help visitors and search engines understand what the page is about.

  • Sharing Your Content

Post, Tweet, and Share your content across the Internet. Tell as many people as possible about your website. Ask people to share and link to your content.

These are the starting points of an SEO strategy that can help improve SEO lead generation. The right SEO strategy delivers good traffic. Once it’s up and running, the cost per lead is lower than any paid advertising.

Next, let’s look at paid search. Keep reading to learn how it can boost search results for a new business or product.

What is a Paid Lead?

Paid leads come from any type of traffic you buy. It can be PPC, display, traditional media or social media advertising. If you advertise on Facebook, any traffic the ad sends to your site is a paid lead.

Pay-per-click leads let you buy buy advertising space on results pages

Pay-per-click is when you buy ad space for specific keywords on the search results pages. You pay for each click sent to your website from the search engines. PPC costs more than SEO, but you don’t have to do much to set up. PPC is a great way to launch a new product or service because it takes effect right away. You buy ad space for your keywords and boom! People searching for your keywords find you on the results page.

PPC is a short-term solution for gathering leads. That’s because you can’t own the advertising space on Google, Yahoo or Bing. You buy space as needed.

Sites That Offer Paid Traffic: Google, Facebook, Bing, and More

Paid traffic is available in many formats. The most popular are:

  • Pay Per Click (Google Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Ads)
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Sponsored Content
  • Pay Per View
  • Banner Ads
  • Advertising-focused Content (Outbrain)

When you buy traffic using Google Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Ads, it’s expensive. But, the quality is high because the person is already searching for your product. The user intent is clearer. Someone looking for your product is more likely to buy sooner. Different types of paid traffic can identify user intent. Are they at the start or end of their research? You can provide the best content for the situation.

Organic traffic is better, but it isn’t always possible in certain situations. If you’re in a hurry for a product or business launch, buying traffic is a better solution.

What Determines the Price of PPC Keywords?

You may think Google or Bing determine your keyword PPC price. But that isn’t true. The price depends on bidding, competition, and quality score.

Keyword Bids

The main factor in cost-per-click (CPC) is your actual bid. Google Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter use a CPC bid model. It calculates the position and final bid cost. Bid low and your keyword price will be low. Bid high and the price can increase.

Quality Score

If your website is of high quality you can rank your ads higher at a lower cost per click. If your quality score is poor, you must pay more to get a higher ad position. Click-through rates and relevant ad copy affect your quality score and position.


Your competitors affect your PPC price. If your product or service is seasonal, expect to bid more to beat out the competition. Plan to address price jumps during competitive times of the year.

.Bing search engine optimization in Toronto means considering each aspect.

Which Converts Better: Organic Traffic or PPC?

There are pros and cons for each method. Again, it depends on your situation.

SEO has a return on investment that lasts well past the PPC ad campaign. If you provide informative content, people searching for it will visit your site. Many web searchers trust organic links over paid listings. SEO costs less per lead than any paid advertising platform.

Benefits of Choosing SEO Lead Services

You don’t want to pay for leads you can get organically. Companies that aren’t retailers benefit most from SEO leads. Here are three main reasons to choose SEO leads.

  • Builds Credibility and Trust

Showing up in the organic results often boosts your credibility. Many web users skip over the paid ads. They trust organic results over sponsored and paid.

Being visible in search engines adds clout to your business. It puts you in front of potential clients. Matching relevant search terms and info requests puts your brand in a positive light. Consumers consider you a resource and authority on the topic.

Make sure you have strong reviews in place to confirm your credibility.

  • Increases Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic gives you a chance to build awareness of your business. You can educate visitors on why they should buy from you. Organic traffic doesn’t disappear after a campaign like paid search marketing traffic does. That’s why effort spent on developing evergreen content is important. Your website content is always available.

More people click on organic search results. You’ll get more traffic from an organic listing than a paid ad.

Consider a combination of paid and organic SEO lead services. It can maximize visibility and traffic. Experiment with keywords to see which ones perform best for your business. It can be as simple as comparing a Bing search engine optimization for Toronto.

  • High Return On Investment (ROI)

The long-term effectiveness of SEO over PPC means improved ROI over paid leads. SEO requires time and attention. But, it’s cost-effective and longer-lasting than other marketing efforts.

In a sense, organic search engine traffic is free. It takes time and effort to develop content and visibility, but you won’t have a direct charge for each click.

  • Sustainable Effort

The best part about SEO leads is once you establish your website and content new people can find you every day. Visibility in organic search results takes time. That means once you’ve zestablished your business in the organic results no one can outbid you. If you build your brand and SEO the right way, you have a unique advantage over competitors who rely on paid leads.

When to Choose Paid Leads

Paid leads have specific advantages for some marketing campaigns

Retailers testing products or promoting a limited-time sale should choose PPC. If you need instant results and visitors, try PPC. 50% of people who reach your site from a paid ad are more likely to buy over those who arrive via organic links.

If managing your budget is a concern, PPC lets you set spending limits. It’s also easier to measure your ROI. If an organic search has better click-through and credibility, why consider paid leads? Let’s look at some benefits below.

  • The Position of Search Results

Paid search results dominate the top of the results page. Most often you see four ads on a desktop, and three on mobile search results. Users see the paid ads even if they scroll past them. This helps with brand recognition.

Visual product ads are an option that puts an image at the top of the results. This kind of ad improves click-through rates. It shows people what they’re clicking on.

  • Precision Targeting

Paid ads give you a way to reach your specific potential customers. Your ads can target people by keywords, time of day, location, language, device and more. Organic results can’t do that.

PPC ads give you more control over the delivery of your message. You can include calls, links, pricing, callouts, and more to make your ad more dominant on the page.

  • Speed

One of the best things about PPC is how fast you can create a campaign. In a matter of days, your message is in front of consumers who are ready to buy. The speed gives you agility. You can test a new product or message and get fast feedback by running a short PPC campaign. Another option is A/B testing to see which ads evoke a response.

Results of a PPC ad campaign can inform other marketing actions. This eliminates wasted effort and ad spends.

  • Cost Control

Pay-per-click management can be expensive. Yet, an account that’s managed well produces low-cost lead generation. It’s good for local businesses. A company can target a small area with a limited number of keywords. This can generate local leads within budget.

PPC also promotes tight control of your advertising budget. You decide how much you want to spend each day and set a fixed limit. If careful consideration isn’t given to campaign parameters, it’s possible to overspend.

As you can see, there are benefits to paid advertising. But be wary of some pitfalls.

First, if you decide on paid search advertising it only happens when you pay for it. Stop buying and you won’t have any ads. Next, you have options for PPC ads. If an ad doesn’t perform, change it. Try different layouts and ideas.

Watch out for copycats. A competitor can imitate your ad and confuse consumers. Make sure you have strong branding so people recognize your company.

Contact the Experts for SEO Lead Services

The quality of leads you get from either method depends on your keyword strategy. If you aren’t getting good leads, check your content and paid ads. Make sure you speak to your target audience, and consider SEO lead services.

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