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What SEO Companies Do: The Value of Digital Marketing

Home » Online marketing » What SEO Companies Do: The Value of Digital Marketing
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Almost 60% of the world population uses the internet in their day-to-day lives. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or to get information, the internet has become a mainstay in our existence.

It’s also why businesses have placed such a high level of importance on their digital presence and are seeking SEO companies to help with their digital marketing.

While many small companies understand in theory what happens with digital marketing and SEO, many probably don’t actually know the specifics.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to wonder what SEO companies actually do if you hire them. So, let’s take a closer look at what an SEO company does and why digital marketing should be a priority for your company.

What Does It Mean to Have a Digital Presence?

What Does It Mean to Have a Digital Presence?

A company in today’s tech-driven world needs to have a digital presence. But what does that mean exactly? What should they be doing to achieve a digital presence?

A digital presence is how your business appears online when others look for it or at it. 

So, when a company does a search on a search engine, and your company pops up, your digital presence is all the things that will be visible about your company.

Your digital presence is created through:

  • Digital content
  • Your websites
  • Social media
  • Search engines 
  • Other digital media and platforms

A potential customer might be online reading something, browsing, and end up looking at content on your website. They might also be scrolling through social media and see something on a social media page, yours or someone else’s, and learn something about your business.

Anytime information about you or from you appears online, it becomes a part of your digital presence.

What Is Digital Marketing? 

What Is Digital Marketing?

Once you understand the idea of a digital presence, then you can consider digital marketing and why it might be important for a business.

Digital marketing is all the marketing done by a business on an online platform. This is likely to include:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Business website
  • Other websites

This digital marketing is done to reach and connect with both current and potential customers.

Get more clicks, more traffic, and more sales

When you consider the sheer volume of users on the internet, companies need this digital presence to make a connection with customers. If they don’t have a website and social media, their competitors do have it.

Digital marketing then becomes an important part of your branding, how businesses recognize you, and what you do. This digital marketing will be how you compete against others who offer the same services.

Your digital marketing should be followed closely by the analytics provided by your SEO company to ensure the marketing strategies you’re using are working. 

What Do SEO Companies Do for Their Marketing Clients?

What Do SEO Companies Do for Their Marketing Clients?

Usually, the company providing digital marketing services for a company is also an SEO company. This brings us back to the question from the beginning: what do SEO companies actually do?

Since so many online users start their online experience at a search engine, one of the most important things an SEO company can do as part of their digital marketing is work on the company’s SEO.

SEO, of course, is search engine optimization. This is how well a company ranks when in a search. When SEO is optimized for a company, these things happen:

  • Increased ranking from a search which leads to more organic traffic
  • Increase in the website and social media channels organic traffic
  • More digital hits on the business website, which leads to more calls for the business

SEO companies also work beyond just SEO, although it’s all interconnected. As part of any marketing strategy, your SEO company should look at your website structure. You need your website to function and be friendly and easy to navigate for users.

Often digital marketing means starting a blog for your business. A blog allows the company to build authority in its business arena. It’s also a great place for more content marketing.

Local optimization should also be a part of your digital marketing consideration. Let’s face it; if you’re a plumber and I’m searching for a plumber, it doesn’t do me much good to find a plumber who works in another province.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important for a Business?

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important for a Business?

In this world of online users, people won’t know about you if you don’t have a digital presence through digital marketing. Users go to the internet to get the information they need.

If your business doesn’t work to get information out onto those digital platforms, users will go to your competitors. You won’t be in business long when you can’t attract customers. The way to attract those customers is by putting your business name and information in all the places they are looking.  

Choose Local SEO Search to Handle Your Digital Marketing Needs

Choose Local SEO Search to Handle Your Digital Marketing Needs

Digital marketing is key to attracting all the users who now spend their time on the internet. You need good SEO, so your business gets ranked high on the results when they search online for information.

If you’re hoping to start a digital marketing campaign for your company, we can help. Contact Local SEO Search for a free consultation, and let us help you get your marketing campaign started today.

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