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Why Business is Important to Entrepreneurs

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Why Business is Important to Entrepreneurs
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Have you ever wondered why business is so important to certain people? There are some that seem born to be entrepreneurs. They don’t enjoy working for others and are so full of new ideas they seem compelled to start their own business.

You might know someone like this, or perhaps you recognize this in yourself. Let’s take a look at some reasons why business is important to entrepreneurs when it comes to their feelings of success.

They Are Too Creative For a Corporate Environment

They Are Too Creative For a Corporate Environment

There are over 1 million entrepreneurs in Canada, and one of the reasons why is that many business owners are too creative to work in a traditional business environment.

Businesses go through a variety of phases as they grow. The startup phase is one of the most exciting but risky times in a company’s existence. It’s also one of the most creative. Entrepreneurs enjoy starting a business because they love the thrill of coming up with new ideas.

As a company grows and becomes established, it moves from the startup phase into a stage where the business focuses on hiring employees and establishing processes. Once processes are established, the business operates according to those systems going forward. This reduces the creativity and off-the-cuff thinking, so many entrepreneurs sell the company at this point and move on to start another business.

Entrepreneurs Love a Flexible Lifestyle

To many people, a 9-5 job is stable and predictable, and they like it. Not an entrepreneur, though. They feel restrained by the 9-5 structure of most jobs and want to create their own hours and their own lifestyle.

When you start a business, you may work 10-hour days for a period of time, then once you have a successful product launch, you might be able to work a few five-hour days. On top of that, many entrepreneurs can arrange their work schedule so that they are able to be present for their children’s activities or work at times when they are most focused. An entrepreneur that does their best work at night can start work at 8 pm without any concern.

Wondering why business is important to entrepreneurs? The flexibility is a huge reason!

Business is Important to Solve Problems

Business is Important to Solve Problems

Many entrepreneurs start a business because they want to solve a problem that no one else has solved yet. For example, a mom might start a business selling natural baby foods because she couldn’t find natural baby foods for her own child. 

Entrepreneurs love to take action, and many times they feel stymied by a slow-moving large company with many layers of management. By starting their own company, an entrepreneur can address problems they see much more quickly and creatively than they can in an existing business.

Entrepreneurs Thrive on Challenge

One of the reasons entrepreneurs love to start companies is that they enjoy the challenge of growing a business enterprise. Many traditional employees avoid risk, looking to their jobs for a predictable income and steady paycheck. On the other hand, entrepreneurs love the thrill of rolling the dice to see if they can succeed.

Of course, not all entrepreneurs do succeed, but many of them will dust themselves off and try again. Having a company fail is not the end of the story, it’s simply a learning experience that they can take and move forward towards success.

Starting a Business Allows Unconventional Thinking

Starting a Business Allows Unconventional Thinking

Many people who start companies feel like they don’t fit in with traditional society. They think about things differently and often look “outside the box.” By starting their own business, they can express their unconventional approach to problem-solving, business processes, and more.

This can lead to creative and groundbreaking approaches to everything from social media marketing to how they create employee schedules. Being able to not just think outside the box, but to actually take action on those unusual ideas, is one big reason why business is so important to entrepreneurs.

They Hope to Change the World

Every so often, a business idea comes around that changes the world permanently. Some examples of this include Amazon, Air BnB, Facebook, and Uber. These companies have changed the way we look at buying products, travelling, keeping in touch, and getting from place to place. 

Entrepreneurs love the idea that something they do could change the world in a similar way. They hope to be synonymous with a disruptive innovation or technology. It’s their way of making a difference that lives on long after they’re gone.

Business is important to entrepreneurs because it’s the way they can make a long-term difference in the lives of others.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Now that you know why business is important to entrepreneurs, do you recognize yourself in these descriptions? If so, perhaps starting your own business is a good idea for you as well. Who knows what kind of impact you could have!

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