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SEO vs. Newspapers

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Newspapers have been around for over 300 years. Up until the past decade, they were the go-to means of getting the daily news, keeping informed, and learning about community events. Readership was vast. Delivered automatically to homes or sold at newsstands on almost every street corner, papers were accessible and necessary tools.

The huge reach newspapers once had made it necessary for most any business (e.g. medical practice, furniture store, or other retailer) to purchase ad space or classified advertisements. Today, newspapers have to compete against newer and more advanced media. These media outlets have “pull strategy,” providing immediate access to information on demand. People can now go online to see the latest news in the market, the community, and around the world.

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Newspapers are no longer as effective. Here’s why search engine optimization (SEO) or online marketing is a better choice with greater returns:



When it comes to marketing, newspapers are a thing of the past. They still serve an important purpose in society. However, their distribution may be limited to local communities.

Community newspapers are used to help establishments stay in touch with those in the immediate area, informing residents about events (e.g. fundraisers, festivals, road closures, and reports on children’s sports). Unfortunately, in terms of catering to the buying public, newspapers cannot keep up with the demand for instant information and click-of-the-button access to products and services.

People these days are constantly on the move. They are perpetually on their device (phone, tablet, computer) while at home or in the office. When a consumer is ready to buy any product or service, they can easily access any of these devices and search Google for what they need.

With the right SEO strategy, business websites offering the searched-for product or service will be suggested by Google as a relevant solution. Newspapers, on the other hand, are unable to respond to or answer these needs.



Newspaper establishments used to be profitable. Advertisers used to fight for that front page ad or any ad near the top right hand side. However, because of minimal revenues and returns for newspaper advertising, advertisers have minimized their investment in print.

Several large newspaper chains have closed. Because advertisers have shifted their focus and marketing efforts online, many newspapers are overwhelmed by the diminishing revenue stream. As online marketing goes on the rise, many newspapers have ceased printing. Some retain websites.


Putting up an advert in the classified ads section in the newspaper used to cost about $100 per ad. Today, however, advertisers can put an ad on Kijiji or Craigslist for free.

The staggering cost of placing an ad in the newspaper is largely due to publishing costs. It is significantly more affordable to purchase or maintain a domain, which is why online marketing (and ultimately, SEO) can offer businesses a better return on investment.


The effectiveness of newspapers as a marketing media has diminished. Along with television, they once provided coverage of recent events within 24 hours. Today, people with an internet connection can access immediate, real-time information. By the time information is published on the newspaper, it is often no longer considered news.

When it comes to news and commerce, Google is now the go-to mediator. For advertisers, the first page of Google is the prime real estate. Business websites featured on this landscape can get the majority of clicks and a high conversion rate.

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