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Why Websites Are Essential Tools for Businesses
Today’s businesses need a website to increase brand awareness and profitability. Without one, you lose valuable income from new and repeat customers and clientele, especially in the service industries.
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How to Keep Your Business Growing
In order for a business to grow, it’s important to continually look for new sources of revenue. There are business owners who may believe that they have enough customers, but with several factors to consider (including the economy), a new business owner can never be 100% sure that they have a consistent customer base.
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When Clients and Customers Call_Answer as many calls as you can in person
Part of being a small business owner is taking calls on a regular basis. Consumers who are looking for your products and services will be making inquiries. If you are in the service industry, an emergency call is the easiest and most straightforward type of call to deal with. If someone calls because they have...
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How Life Events Influence Google Searches
Many things happen in our everyday life that will make us turn to Google for advice )When we get married, have a baby, get a house, etc). People depend on the Internet when searching for something. For example, we move into a new neighbourhood, we may need to buy appliances, have renovations, do landscaping, or...
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With 2019 only a few months away, Google has launched a number of changes. As always, Google tracks the history on your browser and uses this information to help provide users with quality results. They are also enhancing the experience of business owners who use Google to boost their sales and site traffic.
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Starting a small business is no easy feat. When Local SEO Search’s owner, John Vuong, first started the company, it was challenging. In fact, he didn’t have a laptop when he first went to see new clients; all he had was a mobile device. In his first meeting he emphasized the importance of getting great...
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Radio advertising has a unique advantage in marketing your business. Despite the rise of digital marketing, radio still remains a vital tool for companies wanting to increase brand awareness. Digital tracking, pay-per-click ads, and social media allows radio stations to promote your businesses through a more direct and creative way.
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Every service-based company wants to find ways to attract clients without overspending marketing dollars. Digital marketing and using Internet tools are the wave of the future to build your brand, get more clients, and increase profits.
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In any business, the effectiveness of the sales department is pivotal for a company’s success. To generate income and revenue for your business, sales representatives engage potential customers throughout a transaction. Prospects learn more about a business and how purchasing your products and/or services can be beneficial to them.
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Radio is a traditional medium used to advertise new products and services, enhance brand recognition, and attract more customers. Radio is a part of our everyday lives, and is often played during daily commutes or in the background at work.
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