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How to Boost Your Business Using Radio Advertising

Home » Podcast » How to Boost Your Business Using Radio Advertising
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Radio advertising has a unique advantage in marketing your business. Despite the rise of digital marketing, radio still remains a vital tool for companies wanting to increase brand awareness. Digital tracking, pay-per-click ads, and social media allows radio stations to promote your businesses through a more direct and creative way. Social media campaigns, SEO (search engine optimization), and content marketing are all excellent strategic options, and radio can be a part of that “marketing menu.”

Here’s how radio advertising benefits your brand:

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Reaches Your Target Audience

In 2017, there were over 952 radio stations in Canada, ranging from Top 40 to Classic Rock, Hip Hop to 24-hour news. You can choose several different channels to reach your target consumer or client, depending upon their listening preferences and age range. Build your brand identity with some market research.

Gives Voice to Your Brand

Social media campaigns and content marketing can be powerful strategies. They provide readers an experience that can truly define your brand and business. Radio advertising is different. It gives your brand a “voice” and reminds listeners about your product or service. Those who hear your ad can build a mental image of your brand based on the message you deliver. Online marketing, on the other hand, can put your website on search engine results pages, bringing consumers who are seeking products and services directly to your pages. If you use both approaches, you may well be on a path to greater returns and new clientele.


Offers Promotional Opportunities

A live broadcast in your local area, on-air product sampling, and running a contest are difficult promotions to manage through print or television media purchases. Radio can offer involvement with your target customer at a reasonable price. If managed properly, such promotions can add a personalized touch to your goods or services. The added bonus is you get to broadcast the event to listeners while meeting potentially new customers face-to-face.



Radio Programs are Influential

Radio advertising is a method that can build customer awareness. You have different choices to frame your on-the-air “call to action.” A radio personality or DJ can endorse your brand with a “live read.” The same approach can also be used in podcasting which makes it relevant to SEO. You can also purchase time with some stations to personally talk about your products or services on the air, making you and your company seem more approachable.

Radio advertisements have credibility, and the returns can be remarkable. However, such efforts require research and knowing your demographic and target market. It can be a lot of work, but the payoff may be rewarding.

A main component of your marketing plan should be combining radio advertising with SEO. Search engine optimization is a game plan that makes your website accessible to the customers you’re seeking. It would be a shame to pay for a bunch of radio promotion, only to not have a functioning or attractive website when people land there, wanting to find out about your business.

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