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Pros and Cons for Small Business Advertising in Magazines

Home » Internet marketing » Pros and Cons for Small Business Advertising in Magazines
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Magazine advertisements were once considered a successful approach to promote products or services. However, as we move to the digital age, print media is a less effective tool for a small-to-medium sized business. Read on to learn if this is a viable investment of your marketing dollars.

According to Entrepreneur.com, the average cost of a magazine ad can range from $500 to $20,000, depending upon the size and the reach of the publication (e.g. regional or national). Even for a small, local ad, the cost can be huge. With the advent of the Internet and online marketing, there are better advertising options available, with a higher return on investment. SEO (search engine optimization) is one of these avenues to consider.

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The pros and cons of magazine advertising:


PROS: A small, $500 ad is more affordable than some other forms of media advertising (newspaper, television, radio), making it a good option for businesses looking to start a new ad campaign.

CONS: A national advertisement is costly, especially because of the design aspect. On average, art direction and production design can cost $7,650 or more. This is twice what an affordable, professional SEO team (like Local SEO Search) might charge to manage your advertising efforts. SEO is cost-effective for getting more potential customers to your business website, and converting them into sales.



PROS: Advertisements may be seen more than once, as readers peruse the pages over a period of weeks, or save them over the years to reread another time, or share with friends.

CONS: You may need six months of lead time to effectively run a magazine ad. This involves strategy and devoting additional resources for ad testing before publication. Meanwhile, the potential success/outcome of your campaign is unknown.



PROS: People read magazines while waiting at a clinic, on public transit, or in the library. People flip through these easy-to-carry materials at cafes, bookstores, and on the beach. This provides transferable exposure for a brand.

CONS: When you place your ad in a magazine, there are hundreds of other promotions competing for attention. If you don’t get prime placement, your ad may get little attention. With online advertising efforts, your business’ web pages, blogs, and social media can be seen by the targeted local audience.

Advertising in magazines might be beneficial for some businesses, and was a viable option in the past. However, unpredictable results, huge expense, and difficult data collection are variables that make other marketing options more attractive.

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