Home » Podcast » “Raccoons in the Attic!” “My Pipes Have Burst!” How Life Events Influence Google Searches

“Raccoons in the Attic!” “My Pipes Have Burst!” How Life Events Influence Google Searches

Home » Podcast » “Raccoons in the Attic!” “My Pipes Have Burst!” How Life Events Influence Google Searches
How Life Events Influence Google Searches
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Many things happen in our everyday life that will make us turn to Google for advice )When we get married, have a baby, get a house, etc). People depend on the Internet when searching for something. For example, we move into a new neighbourhood, we may need to buy appliances, have renovations, do landscaping, or even hire a pest control company. We will also need to find a new dentist located near our neighborhood.

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Those who are new to the neighbourhood will often do a lot of research on Google. They will also read testimonials and reviews left by other customers and continue to learn as much as they can before making a final decision. Even when others have been given referrals by friends or neighbours, they may still want a second opinion.

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It’s very important for a business to readily available online for consumers looking for their products and services. A person turning to a search engine may not know which company to go to, or may be searching for a business that offers great products and excellent customer service.

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Roger Murphy (Local SEO Search’s Vice President of Sales) advices business owners, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, and others to complete a self-analysis. If you are offering a service that people will need because of a triggered life event (moving to a new home, getting married, etc.), you may benefit from having an SEO campaign.

During a person’s life, there will be events that are significant. You, as a business owner or service provider, need to make sure that you appear in Google’s search rankings to resonate with consumers that are impacted by important life events.

How Life Events Influence Google Searches3People today want information and they want it fast, especially when they have their smart devices with them. Google offers a lot of information, but the user filters through the good and bad. Consumers believe websites appearing on the first page are trusted sources. They may also believe that these sites have earned their way through organic (natural) results.

Websites in Google’s organic results are usually the ones that have the highest conversion rate. Local SEO Search and our staff help small to medium-sized businesses put their best foot forward. With their expert advise as a guide, you can have website earn that coveted space on Google’s first page.

Our team at Local SEO Search will gladly guide you through the challenges in of digital marketing, helping you achieve your goal of appearing in Google’s top search rankings.

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