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How to Make Your Businesses Relevant Online

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With 2019 only a few months away, Google has launched a number of changes. As always, Google tracks the history on your browser and uses this information to help provide users with quality results. They are also enhancing the experience of business owners who use Google to boost their sales and site traffic.

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Here are some tips for working with Google to promote your business website:

Google My Business


The first thing a site owner has to do is set up a Google My Business page. You can now put more information on your Google My Business page. They allow 750 characters to introduce your company or promote products and services. You may also post an update or a promotion will lasts seven days. Most of the posts contain calls-to-action and social media managers — or business owners can use this as a lead funnel or click funnel to track what’s going on.

Google is also more stringent with its requirements for reviews. Any anonymous reviews were recently deleted by Google. They wiped 30% of all reviews and now require you to have a Google account when posting your opinion about a business or product. They want to make sure that reviews are written by real people, who can back up their claims. This is a relief to some business owners who may have been unfairly criticized by a competitor hiding behind the “Anonymous” moniker. Google also penalizes establishments who solicit reviews by giving promotions. If they see a batch of new reviews done on a specific date, Google will flag them (or one of your competitors will alert Google to the potential violation).

Long-Term SEO Plans


Many business owners underestimate the work needed to promote their website and push it to the first page in Google search results. Many they think they can do it all themselves. What they don’t know is that this kind of online promotion is a full-time job. Many tasks are involved to satisfy all the signals that Google wants.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not as simple as paying for an advertisement. You can’t just set up an image/logo, add some taglines, pay for it, and monitor its effectiveness. SEO is a long-term plan, with potentially huge benefits. SEO involves building quality content and creating a fast website that is indexable by Google. This ensures that people who visit your website stay there and learn about what your business offers.

There is no quick way to rise to the coveted first page through organic SEO. Building links over time is necessary, since this shows you have a good reputation on the web. Other factors that boost your ranking is a mobile-friendly site and relevant content that isn’t stuffed with keywords. Google is looking for more localized and useful content — if you have it on your pages, you are poised to dominate your market.

Why People Prefer Google over Other Search Engines


Google aims to offer the best results for any typed-in search term. When you ask someone why they like using Google as a search engine, the answer is likely: “It’s fast, credible, and gives instant, quality results.”

John Vuong (the founder of Local SEO Search) says, “Google is still the number one search engine and place where people are looking for their information when looking for a product and service or doing research.” When people are new to an city or town and need a specific type of service, they will “Google it.” When someone has heard of a company and wants to know more about it, they get online and search for the business on Google.

Twenty years ago, the Yellow Pages used to be the number one directory for businesses. It had the most relevant, comprehensive information for local business owners all in one place. Now with Google and the web, people can easily search online for what they need. Google is a trusted source of information, a directory, and a database. When ready-to-buy customers are looking for your products or services, they’re probably going to turn to Google.

Voice Search Is Coming


People no longer have to use a computer to search the internet. They go online with  mobile devices. And, with new technology (like Apple’s “Siri”), they just need to say a keyword and Google will run the search.

Every business owner needs to make sure that the content on the website is good enough to be on “Google Q&A” (a knowledge panel). The more questions a company can answer on an FAQ or landing page, the more likely Google’s algorithm will recognize the website as authoritative. This “authoritative” recognition is necessary before you can take advantage of voice search.

When you ask for information, your voice is transcribed and the results appear on Google’s search engine. For example, if you search for the “top/best restaurants in Toronto,” the voice will probably give you a “top three” list, and it matches what would appear on the search results you’d see if you were on a page.

How do you get on that organic portion of that top three list?  With search engine optimization, you build the required trust and authority that Google recognizes with it’s “top ten,” first page and its top three voice search results.

Why You Need SEO Experts

Local SEO Search takes the burden off business owners who want to be found in Google searches, but don’t have the time to do the homework. Local search engine optimization, as we mentioned before, is a full-time job. You need a team of professionals to keep on top of the changes Google makes, write your content, and create organic results that put you in front of the customers and clients you seek.

We can help you to become authoritative in search results with a full-service campaign. When you’re with us, you never have to worry about your website; we touch on every single aspect Google looks for (i.e. signals to rank a website).

Building domain authority and page authority may take time, but ultimately that trust can get your business on that first page. If you want to convert those website visits into more leads and sales for your business, call Local SEO Search today at 1-877-689-5268.

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