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What Are Infographics?

Infographics are visual representations of statistical information. These includes charts, graphs and tables. 

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Why Use Infographics in Content Marketing?

Infographics are beneficial for many reasons when creating content designed to promote a business. The use of charts, tables or graphs from a reliable source helps establish credibility. They also help legitimize a business as being an expert on a subject. Companies will often include infographics within content to really hammer home a point. For example, an HVAC company may include a chart that shows how homeowners who do not perform annual maintenance end up paying significantly more in repairs over the lifetime of their air conditioner unit. This shows the potential customer that is in their interest to receive annual maintenance from that HVAC company. 

Visual images such as infographics also help to break up content and make it more palatable for readers. Research has shown that we digest visual information much more rapidly and easily than text-based content alone. Therefore, adding an infographic or two with some images is a great way to get a point across to readers of a page or blog. 

Another reason many businesses use infographics within their content is because they serve as attention grabbers. People are more likely to read content that contains images, graphs, charts and tables. Infographics themselves can help attract new readers to a blog, service page or website. 

The ease of adding infographics to content is another reason why they are so popular. Embedding an infographic into content is simple and can be done without any special expertise or technical knowledge. The information found in the infographics can also create a buzz online and this translates into a big increase in page visitors and, ultimately, paying customers.
content marketingWhat Is Content Marketing?

This is a type of marketing focusing on creating content that educates readers and provides them with relevant information to a topic related to your business. The goal of this marketing is to not directly promote your business or service. Rather, it aims to inform the reader with facts through infographics and studies that back up the need for a product or service.

An example of this type of marketing would be a plumbing business who describes the problems that can arise with old, rusty pipes. As the company details problems such as leaks, sediment in the water, and breakdowns in the water supply system, they are making the customer realize why they need their services. At the end, typically, the business or individual mentions that they offer those very services. In the case of the plumbing company, they would mention that they offer pipe replacements — addressing the issue described in the blog or page.
creating contentWhy Use It?

Content marketing can be highly effective. Traditional approaches dictate that you should try to promote your business as much as possible and use a sales-oriented approach. This is not the case at all with this kind of marketing. Many people are now resistant to a sales-oriented or a strong marketing approach. They want to know more about the issues they have and what solutions exist. This is what marketing through content is all about. It adds new flavor to a marketing campaign that may be stale or is converting very few customers. 

Many companies use this form of marketing to educate customers and to get business from new clients as well as existing clients. For example, homeowners may be unaware of certain problems that can develop in a home over time. They can also be unaware that a service to solve or prevent these problems is offered. By marketing through content, a company can easily get their message across without sounding as if they are begging for a customer to try their product or service. It is a passive approach to marketing, but it can very effective and drastically increase your conversion rates. Try it out sometime.


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