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Home » Reputation Management Services » Remedying Your Brand’s Ruined Reputation
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Reputation management is the practice of creating exceptional brand value and sustaining that value deliberately and purposefully within the market. For the majority of business owners, their reputation management duty is to boost sales and market visibility. Another goal could be to build a trustworthy brand in a new and growing market, or generate a new target audience. 

Prevent damage by monitoring your brand

Two important ways to gauge your online reputation are reviewing search engine results pages and making use of Google Autocomplete. By locating any negative reviews, you have the ability to take a proactive approach to remedy the reputation of your company. If you notice that there is an emerging issue, go to Google Analytics and search for spikes in your website traffic that show major events and possible red flags. 

Formulate ideas

Formulate a plan ahead of fixing your reputation

Managing your reputation requires organization and forethought. Ensure that you set up Google alerts for all subjects using product tags, brand names, popular search phrases, key industry terms, and team leaders. When a problem arises, you will be immediately aware of it and able to develop a solution. It is imperative to have a well thought out plan to deal with a reputation crisis. 

In some instances, the solution to the problem is to ignore the complaint altogether. Check out if the site hosting adverse comments about your company gains popularity from company rebuttals trying to defend themselves. If the website is performing on the comments of other individuals, it might be an advisable not to take action at all. 

Adjust your social media reaction strategy based on research, not emotion. Find professional analytics to assist you in making informed decisions. Surges in traffic from sites such as Reddit, where users are responsible for delivering anonymous content, can indicate a potential crisis is developing.

Social Media
Laws of Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power content in social media and content marketing can elevate your audience and client base in a dramatic manner. However, starting the process with no previous experience or insight can be a great challenge.

It is important to understand social media marketing basics. By maximizing quality, increasing your online entry points, and understanding how to build your reputation you can build a foundation that will serve your clients and your brand:

1. The law of listening

To be successful in social media and content marketing, one must have excellent listening skills. Read the online content and join discussions with your targeted audience to find out what is paramount to them. You will become capable of creating content and sparking debates that will be valuable to potential clients’ lives instead of cluttering them. 

2. The law of focus

Concentrate on one issue. An extremely focused social media and content marketing plan to build a strong brand name has a better opportunity for success compared to a broad strategy that tries to be everything to all individuals. 

3. The law of patience

Social media and content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s likely you will need to make a serious time commitment to achieve desired results.

4. The law of compounding

If you create a remarkable, high-quality content and work hard to build an online audience of regular followers, they will share that content with other readers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their blogs. This creates new entry points for search engines such as Google to get your site noticed in keyboard searches. More individuals will find you online. 

5. The law of influence

Use most of your time locating the online influencers in your market who can bring quality audience and the ones who will be interested in your services, business, and products. Connect with these individuals and make an effort to create a good relationship with them. If you get on their radar as a source of quality and useful content, they may share your content with their followers, something that will put your company in front of a massive new audience. 


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