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Get More Leads For Your Small Business

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Without customers, you wouldn’t have a business. And while you (hopefully) have repeat customers you can rely on, you should always be looking for new leads.

We’ll admit, it’s easier said than done. To help you refresh your lead generation strategy, we’ve put together a guide on getting more leads below. 

Update Your Target Audience 


You’ve heard about the importance of knowing your target audience before. If you haven’t, then you have some basic marketing research to do.

For those that have a target audience, when was the last time you updated it? The world has changed a lot in the last few years, including people’s shopping habits. If the last time you created your customer profiles or did in-depth research was pre-Covid, then it’s time to take another look.

Updating your target audience may sound intimidating. If your audience has changed, then you’ll have to edit your marketing strategy, re-consider your keywords, and do a handful of other things you feel you don’t have time for.

But if you avoid doing it, you’re missing out on new leads, or at least higher-quality ones.

There’s no set duration on how long your target audience research is good for, but try to check it against your analytics at least once a quarter. Updating smaller things more often will keep you from spending time and money on a large-scale marketing strategy refresh. 

Refresh Your SEO 


When was the last time you updated your website SEO? We’re not talking about the three or four SEO-optimized blogs you should be putting out each week, but the smaller details.

How old is your current web copy? Do all your pages have optimized titles? Do your images have ALT text? Some websites, like Wix, will walk you through these small SEO steps.

Every time you update these details, it gives Google’s “spiders” another reason to crawl your page.

Don’t take this advice too far, and update your site too often. Google is smarter than you give it credit for. Once every two weeks or so is ideal, but once a month is more doable for most businesses. 

Update Your Google My Business Profile Regularly 


When it comes to SEO, think of Google as the dictator, the king of the internet, or whatever all-powerful visualization works for you. The more you use Google’s products, the happier the tech giant will be with you.

One of the most important Google-sponsored tools for leads is your Google Business Profile. It’s what pops up on the right-hand side of the search page when you look up the name of a business. You can see hours, location, reviews, and photos on this little widget.

Get more clicks, more traffic, and more sales

Many consumers go to your website directly from the Google My Business profile button, which Google will actually track for you. You can update this profile as often as possible, especially if your business has special hours for that day or week.

New users may get up to $500 free Google Ad credit to spend when they verify their business (subject to change, based on Google’s offerings).

Restaurants can even link what food delivery systems they use or enable ordering from this widget screen.

The GMB profile is a great, free way to use local SEO to get more leads.

Remarketing Discounts 


If most of your sales are online, you know the frustration of “cart abandonment” well. People put things in their cart, then don’t convert to sales.

If you can get their email address before they leave the site, then you can try to tempt them back with remarketing emails. Remarketing is just that – marketing something to someone again in hopes that they convert.

Some e-commerce platforms make remarketing easier than others. You can offer your customers a discount for signing up for your email address as a pop-up or add a “spin-to-win discount wheel plugin” to your site. The second is becoming more popular and has high engagement rates. 

Try Podcast Advertising 


If you’ve done everything on this list and are still searching for new leads, look into buying ads on your consumers’ favorite podcasts. Of course, you won’t know which exact podcasts your customers listen to, but you can make an educated guess based on the general subject matter.

Podcasters offer their listeners discount codes for different businesses during their “ad breaks.” You can write your own copy for the host to read or give them a few bullet points to go off of on their own.

Podcast advertising can be expensive for large-scale productions, so start with smaller ones and work your way up if the ROI is working for you.

How to Generate More Leads: Be Consistent and Creative 


As a business owner, you have to stay up to date with marketing trends and SEO practices. Not only will paying attention to new trends help you generate leads, but it will also boost your SEO.

More SEO leads to more leads, while more organic leads (like podcast ad visitors) leads to better SEO. It all goes hand in hand!

If you’d like help with effective SEO, Local SEO Search is the partner you need. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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