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Business owners wear many hats, especially in these times. With the labor shortages, we’ve had, you may find yourself balancing more tasks than ever.

If you’ve found yourself suddenly in charge of marketing or just need a new strategy to get leads, it’s essential to know how to reach your target audience. If you don’t, your marketing budget is wasted.

Whatever your scenario, we’re guiding you through our target audience reach guide below. 

Know Where Your Customers Are 


Different age groups use specific social media sites. While Facebook used to be everyone’s go-to, young people are moving away from it because of the company’s data-collecting policies.

Most Millenials still have Facebook. It’s the most popular social media for first-wave or older Millenials in their mid-thirties to forties. Younger Millenials (ages 25-35) still have Facebook accounts but no longer use it as their primary social media source.

Get more clicks, more traffic, and more sales

For marketing, assume Facebook users are thirty and above.

Where are the young people then? Overwhelmingly, younger people are flocking to Instagram and Tiktok.

While there are people of every age on Instagram, 30+ percent of the app’s female users are between the ages of 18-and 34. Male users in that same age group are just behind them.

It’s the best place to target younger Millenials and Gen Z for products other than Tiktok.

Speaking of Tiktok, many businesses are afraid of or at least intimated by the video-based platform. There’s absolutely a learning curve, but it’s a great place to target younger populations. Many small businesses have found success on Tiktok by filming what they’ve always done (like pack orders).

More than half of Tiktok users are under thirty, and users are spending longer on the app per session than ever. Talk about a captive audience! 

Know What Type of Content Your Audience Wants 


If you’re not providing the content your audience is looking for, it doesn’t matter where you post.

Of course, we all consume all media types, but some groups more than others. For example, younger generations usually look for funny content, while older groups seek more educative information.

Someone 40+ may google a question, then click on an article and read about the answer in-depth. The more tech-savvy young people would rather look at the google “quick answer” then go on their way.

In terms of shopping, older customers are more likely to ask their friends for recommendations. Younger consumers will look to influencers’ Instagrams, unboxings, and “try on haul” videos.

You may have more luck working with influencers on Tiktok nowadays than on Instagram, as they could be cheaper, and many have “Amazon Storefronts” where they can recommend your product.

If your customer demographics are spread out over the age groups, aim to create one piece of content, then convert it into variations for different populations. For example: if you post a YouTube video, make a blog post describing or transcribing it as well. That way, you’re targeting consumers who watch videos and those that prefer to read with essentially the same piece of content.

Work smarter, not harder. 

Serve Your Current Customers 


We all want new leads. But unfortunately, many businesses get so obsessed with sourcing new clients from their target audience that they forget to nurture the ones they already have.

Aside from having the best customer service possible, you want to make sure you’re giving your current clients the kind of content that drew them in. If they like educative articles, share those in your email blasts. If they’re bargain shoppers, make sure you state the sale percentage or incentive in your email’s subject line.

Make it worthwhile for them to refer their friends to you by offering easily-accessible referral codes on their receipts, invoice emails, and on the checkout page.

Finally, don’t forget to ask them for business reviews. Most consumers check at least one review site before engaging with a business, so thank anyone who puts you in a good light. Always reply to business reviews, no matter what they say. It shows you’re involved and that you care about your customer’s experience.

How to Reach Your Target Audience: Do Your Research 


All of the things above will come naturally if you study your website and followers’ demographics. Facebook and Instagram make it easy for you to see which posts got the most engagement and led to the most clicks.

If you have pages with low bounce rates, figure out what about that page is delivering value, and aim to make your website more like that.

Learning how to reach your target audience is easy, but consistently implementing these strategies can feel challenging. If you’d like help, we’re here for you — schedule a free consultation with Local SEO Search today!

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