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Which Business is Good in Canada? 5 Options

Home » Business advice » Which Business is Good in Canada? 5 Options
Which Business is Good in Canada? 5 Options
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Millions of Canadians have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, both in 2020 and even into the middle of 2021. While the job market has recovered, the jobs are in different industries and require different skills than were previously needed.

Job losses and the uncertainty created by the pandemic caused a lot of Canadians to rethink their career choices. Many people who have long dreamed of starting their own businesses have realized that it’s time to take that step.

The question is, what kind of business should you start? Here are five great options.

Real Estate Agent

As people get back to work in new jobs, they’ll need to sell their current homes and move to new ones. That means being a real estate agent is a lucrative career option, especially right now.

As a real estate agent, you’re contracted with a specific agency, but you run your own business within that framework. You’re responsible for marketing, meeting new clients, setting up showings, and making the final arrangements for the sale. For doing that work, your broker will be paid a commission and will then pay you the agreed-upon amount.

If you enjoy working with people and staying on top of the fast-moving real estate market, being an agent could be a perfect fit for you.

Working in Transportation

Many Canadians run their own businesses as truck drivers, providing transport for goods across the country. The good news about this business is that you can start small, buying a single truck and driving it yourself. As you become more successful, you can expand your business and buy more vehicles and hire employees.

As supply chains catch up with demand, there’s going to be a lot of need to move goods to different warehouses and factories. If you love driving and have strong attention to detail, it could be the perfect fit for you as an entrepreneur.

Providing Accounting Services

Accounting is something that many people struggle with, but it’s important because every company of any size needs to pay taxes and understand their financial situation. If you’re good with numbers and detailed data, providing accounting services is a great answer to the question What business can I start in Canada?

When you run an accounting business, you’ll be able to work from home or an office, whichever you prefer. You’ll constantly be learning new skills and staying up to date with new tax laws and arrangements. You’ll also be able to leverage top-of-the-line software that will make your work easier and help keep things accurate.

Helping businesses save money on taxes or streamline their payroll process can be very lucrative as a career.

Start a Photography Business

Start a Photography Business

If you have a great eye and the ability to capture the emotions of a moment on film, being a photographer could be a great business to start in Canada.

As a photographer, you can sell photos to publications, or you could provide photography services for bloggers. A more traditional avenue is to provide wedding photography or provide professional photos for school or family events.

Regardless of how you choose to pursue it, put your artistic talent to work by starting a photography business where you can choose your projects, set your rates, and work when you want to.

Open a Cleaning Business

People are busier than ever before, and that means they have less time to take care of household tasks. When Canadians do have free time, they want to spend it with family and friends, not doing chores.

Take advantage of this opportunity by starting a cleaning business. With a minimal investment and some basic marketing, you can start making money right away. You can list your services on common home services websites, advertise on social media, or use word of mouth.

As you grow, consider hiring employees and maybe moving from residential cleaning to commercial contracts. Over time, you can make a lucrative income with your cleaning services business!

Which Business is Good in Canada?

Which Business is Good in Canada?

These five options are just the beginning of understanding which type of business you want to start. Some companies take a lot of initial investment, while others take very little. That means you don’t need a lot of savings to make the leap to becoming an entrepreneur.

No matter what you do, make sure you focus on taking advantage of your natural skills and the things you enjoy. Trying to be in business doing something you’re good at but don’t like will never succeed in the long run. Instead, match your passions with the needs that others have.

Starting a business is a challenge, but nothing in life is easy. If there’s anything we’ve learned it’s that nothing is guaranteed. There’s no reason not to follow your passion and become an entrepreneur today!

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