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What Business Makes the Most Money?

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What Business Makes the Most Money?
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Everyone who goes into business has the same goal — to make money. How you choose to go about that, especially as an entrepreneur, has to do with your skills, talents, and goals. To create a great business, you need to match your skills with products and services that people will pay for.

How do you know what business makes the most money? It’s important to look at two things: how much income you get, and how many expenses you have to pay. It’s possible for a business to make millions of dollars and still lose money!

Comparing your income to your expenses is the best way to determine the most profitable kinds of business. Here are a few lucrative ideas to start with.


Accounting can have a very high profit compared to revenue, partly because you don’t have very many overhead costs. You need the skills and training in accounting, of course, and some high-quality software. Then you’ll spend some money marketing your services. 

Those are the only requirements! Other than that, you can work from home. Because most people already have a computer or laptop and high-speed internet at home, those are not extra expenses (although they are tax write-offs).

As an accountant, you’ll provide services to businesses to help them lower their taxes and manager processes such as payroll or benefits payments. This is extremely important to most companies, so you can get paid well for your services. 

Renting Real Estate

While being a real estate owner and renting it to others requires a lot of capital in the beginning, over time it can be very, very profitable. Whether you rent a single home or apartments in a multi-unit building, it’s common for the rent to cover the mortgage and expenses with plenty left over.

It’s important to approach real estate investing in the right way. You want to buy a high-quality building in a desirable location that needs some work, and then hire reputable contractors to get it in top shape. When you list it for rent, be sure to carefully review each tenant application so you get reliable renters. Finally, keep up on the maintenance so that the property remains desirable and you avoid large costs down the road.

Some real estate owners hire a management company to take care of finding tenants and managing repairs. This is an extra expense, of course, but it can also free up your time significantly.

Being a Real Estate Agent

Being a Real Estate Agent

When you think of what business makes the most money, you might not think of being a real estate agent. Real estate agents work hard to buy and sell properties for their clients, and the financial rewards can be huge. This type of business is most profitable if you develop a proven track record of success and can work in an area where properties are higher priced.

Being a successful real estate agent requires you to understand the market, have the ability to make properties attractive to potential buyers, and take care of a lot of tasks at once. Often, you’ll have multiple clients buying or selling properties at one time, and you’ll need to balance the workload. 

When you do, you can make a lot of money!

Mobile Auto Repair

Car repairs can be expensive, and many people aren’t sure where to take their vehicle to get reliable, honest service. Running a traditional car repair shop requires a lot of overhead, including a garage, office, staff, equipment, and tools.

Fortunately, you can run an auto repair business with far fewer costs by going on the road. With just a few tools and pieces of equipment, you can offer common services for a fee at the customer’s home. This is an especially great option now as people have a heightened concern for their health and prefer to stay home.

Most people can’t successfully work on their own cars. If you can offer oil changes, tire changes, and other quick and easy services as a mobile auto repair service, you can make good money without very many expenses.

Providing IT Support and Electronics Repair

Everyone’s home is full of electronics today, but most consumers don’t know how to fix them if something goes wrong. If you understand and enjoy technology, why not offer your services as a mobile IT support and electronics repair service? 

Similar to the auto repair business above, this helps you save money by not needing a store location or staff. It also allows you to work on things in the customer’s home, where the electronics already are. Not only is this much more convenient for the customer, but you can diagnose the problem quickly by seeing how everything is set up in the actual environment.

Someone who is able to provide support and repair for everything from TVs to cell phones would be very popular, and you can charge reasonable prices while still making an excellent profit.

Are You Ready to Make Money?

Are You Ready to Make Money?

Knowing what business makes the most money is an important step to being successful as an entrepreneur. Compare these ideas to your skills, talents, and training. 

When you start a profitable business, you’ll be able to enjoy your daily work and have plenty of income to support your lifestyle.

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