Home » Social Media Marketing » Is Social Bookmarking Still an Effective SEO Strategy?

Is Social Bookmarking Still an Effective SEO Strategy?

Home » Social Media Marketing » Is Social Bookmarking Still an Effective SEO Strategy?
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Social Bookmarking basically entails using websites that allow users to bookmark popular sites, publicly, to make them visible to other users. An example of one of these sites is StumbleUpon.

Bookmarking in SEO

Online marketing is a very important tool that can be used to enhance a business’s internet presence. Increasing online visibility allows a local business or website to increase traffic to a site, thus increasing sales.

Using social bookmarks is a great tool for search engine optimization. A marketing strategy that utilizes social bookmarks is important for many reasons. It helps to build links and it also drives traffic to your website improving brand visibility. Bookmarking can be used in search engine optimization to push traffic to a website as well as increase page rank. It can also increase links and make social content much simpler to share with others. Bookmarking is a cheap, easy, and effective search engine optimization strategy to advertise a business’s website.

People use social bookmark sites to share content and find new content. Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon receive large amounts of traffic. These sites are a wonderful place to get your brand seen.

One significant advantage of using social bookmarks is that most of the social networking sites have a huge number of consistent users and new members join every day. StumbleUpon has exceeded Facebook as an important source of traffic from social media. This indicates that the site has more traffic and gets information noticed by more people. This results in more visibility and better rank. Social bookmarks can create a significant number of back links. These links are valued by search engines. This gives you higher page rank, and allows you to build relevant one-way links.


Although bookmarking has a huge effect on search engine optimization, there are certain things that a webmaster must do to get optimal results from bookmarking. Unfortunately, most site owners are not able to utilize these techniques as they require the use of expensive software. Finding a quality service provider that has a number of bookmarking packages available, such as those offered through Local SEO Search Inc. can really help a local business or website boost their page rank.

Social bookmarking is a cost-effective way to draw users to a website or business and reduces the cost of advertising. By bookmarking content, a site can increase visibility and improving the chances of being ranked higher. Using this strategy of marketing is a great way to make your website or business more visible and build consistent traffic to your site or business.


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