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What Top Web Designers Know That You Don’t

Home » SEO APP & Web Development » What Top Web Designers Know That You Don’t
What Top Web Designers Know That You Don’t
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Do you ever wish you could read the minds of top web designers and get the secret tips you need for your website? Good news: you can! 

At Local SEO Search, our website designers have decades of combined experience creating effective, optimized small business websites. If you’re interested in what they know that you don’t, you’ll want to keep reading!

Here are our top tips for website design.

A Pretty Website With No SEO Is a Wasted Investment

A Pretty Website With No SEO Is a Wasted Investment

Imagine that you have a beautiful storefront. You know your customers will absolutely love it and will be eager to buy the products and services you offer. There’s just one problem — no one knows the store’s address, so no one can find it.

That’s what it’s like to have an attractive website without search engine optimization (SEO). It’s beautiful and maybe your potential customers will love it, but it doesn’t matter because no one will ever find it.

If you want a website that works hard to make you money and help you grow, you need a combination of great design and SEO.

A Lot of Design Best Practices Help Google Too

There are a lot of best practices for user-friendly web design. For instance, your site should be easy to navigate and have clear headers and scannable content. 

What top web designers know is that most of those best practices also help Google to index, understand, and correctly rank your website. When you use headers, you create header tags behind the scenes that Google uses to understand the focus of each page of your website.

You don’t have to worry about whether your website is created for your customers or Google. When you have an excellent user experience for your visitors, you’ll be hitting a lot of the important things Google looks for as well.

Images Are Essential

A lot of young kids love to spend hours reading, but adults rarely have the time. All top web designers know that you can’t have walls of text on your website. Everything has to be broken up with images and other engaging content.

The truth is that the human brain is designed to process visual information better than text. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. 

That means you can’t afford to overlook high-quality images and videos on your website. Include faces with testimonials. Have a video of the founder sharing vital information about your products or services. 

The more images you can include, the better!

Consistency Across the Web Matters

Does your website refer to your company as ABC Plumbing, Inc, while your social media or Google My Business page calls your company Alpha Bravo Charlie Plumbing? 

If so, you are going to have problems with your website and overall online presence. Google uses consistency across multiple platforms to decide whether your website and business are trustworthy or shady. If your name, address, and phone number don’t match on every platform, you may rank poorly.

It’s not just Google, either — like all other best practices, this rule impacts your customers as well. It’s confusing to a visitor who sees different names on your website and social media or Google My Business. They may decide it’s not the same company, or simply choose to work with a competitor with clearer messaging.

Don’t be sloppy — consistency matters!

Websites Must Be Clear and Easy to Use

Websites Must Be Clear and Easy to Use

It seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many cluttered, hard-to-understand websites top web designers see every day. 

The bottom line for any business is that the website needs to have clear messaging, easy-to-use navigation, and be simple to understand whether a visitor is using a cell phone or desktop.

If your website is complex, a new visitor will leave immediately. People don’t have time to figure out how to use your website. It needs to be intuitive. If it’s not, they will go to your competitor’s simple website instead.

Don’t try to be clever or fancy or prove how smart you are. Your website needs to be wholly devoted to serving your ideal customers. That means making things easy to use and having a very clear value proposition at the top of your site.

You only have a few seconds to capture attention. Make the most of it!

Ready to Work With Top Web Designers?

Ready to Work With Top Web Designers?

The tips in this article are just a few of the things top web designers know that you don’t. The reality is that most businesses do far better when they have their websites professionally designed. 

Working with someone who truly understands the needs of small businesses and can also ensure your site is fully SEO optimized and designed for maximum conversion rates can revolutionize your business. 

If you’re ready to finally hit the levels of growth and profitability you’ve dreamed of, contact us today!

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