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6 Key Benefits of SaaS SEO Services

Home » Business advice » 6 Key Benefits of SaaS SEO Services
6 Key Benefits of SaaS SEO Services
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Should your SaaS business pursue search engine optimization (SEO) as a key marketing strategy? 

For us, this is an easy question, because we know the many benefits our clients see when they use SEO marketing. However, we see a lot of SaaS businesses spending a tremendous amount of money on capital-intensive marketing strategies like pay-per-click, social media ads, and more.

This article will showcase the many advantages of using SaaS SEO services so that you can focus your marketing efforts in a way that will best grow your business.

You’ll Get More Organic Traffic

You’ll Get More Organic Traffic

Traffic you have to pay for is fine enough, but what happens when the budget runs out? All of that traffic — and sales — disappear. 

Organic traffic allows you to invest upfront and get ongoing traffic and leads, day after day, week after week. Once your website is well-positioned, it just takes some maintenance to stay on top. As a result, organic traffic is much less expensive than paid traffic.

SaaS SEO services will help you position your website to win the right traffic for your business, day after day!

Organic Traffic Converts Better Than Paid Traffic

When you pay for views, you’re interrupting users while they’re doing something else. Perhaps they’re on Facebook to see pictures of their friend’s vacation or to share their own experiences as a parent. 

They might see your message as they scroll through the feed, but they won’t likely stop or pay attention. 

On the other hand, SEO brings in organic traffic that’s actively searching for your solution. Someone who looks for software in your industry is interested in what you offer right now. When they find you in search results, they’ll click through and investigate your content right away.

Organic traffic is much more ready to buy than the views you pay for — and at a much lower cost!

SEO Allows You To Target Your Ideal Market

SEO Allows You To Target Your Ideal Market

While there are an almost scary number of ways to target your online advertising, especially on social media, it doesn’t catch those people at an ideal time. People on social media or other websites are on leisure time, trying to relax and have fun. They don’t want to think about work!

However, people who are searching on Google for phrases related to your industry are zoned in. They are looking specifically for solutions at that very moment.

When you rank highly in search results, this ideal market will see you at the perfect time. They’ll click through and you’ll have a much better overall result.

Increased Visibility Boosts Your Brand

SEO isn’t just about traffic and sales, although those are vital. Being ranked highly also boosts your overall brand and online presence. This can result in users seeking out your business and solution specifically, as well as improving your standing among potential investors.

When you lead your industry, you’ll have a better chance of dominating your market and outdoing your competitors. This will help you grow and lead to long-term success.

Pay-Per-Click Vs. SEO

Pay-Per-Click Vs. SEO

So far we’ve been talking about the importance of showing up highly on Google search results. You might be thinking, “Why not just buy a high position and skip the long-term building process?”

Very simply, users know when someone has bought a PPC position. It’s labeled as “ad” and users are less likely to click that than they are an organic search result. In fact, PPC ads get a click rate of just 2%.

For less money and a little bit of patience, you can get much better results through SEO!

SEO Protects Your Budget

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t have as much capital to compete as larger companies do. Don’t let that stop you from succeeding. Instead of spending so much on paid marketing, you can invest in SEO instead.

While setting up SEO and getting your website optimized for all the right keywords is a lot of work upfront, the payoff is that the marketing works, 24/7, without additional major investment. All you need to do is make minor adjustments to stay on top. 

If you want highly effective marketing that you don’t have to constantly pump more and more money into, SEO is the right bet!

Get Started With SaaS SEO Services

Get Started With SaaS SEO Services

SaaS SEO services are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. SEO levels the playing field because it doesn’t require a huge budget to get ahead. 

These six benefits of SaaS SEO should help convince you that you can’t afford to miss out on this lucrative marketing strategy. The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Instead, let us handle the SaaS SEO marketing and you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us for a free consultation today!

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