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6 Things to Look For in Top SEO Companies

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6 Things to Look For in Top SEO Companies
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Working with an SEO company is one of the best ways to maximize your digital marketing without wasting time and money. Great SEO companies can take over your website marketing and deliver ideal leads and ready-to-buy customers consistently over time.

Unfortunately, there are some not-so-great SEO agencies out there as well. So how do you ensure that you’ve found an excellent fit?

Here are a few things to look for.

Expertise With Businesses Your Size

It’s an unfortunate fact that many SEO agencies are focused on large, big-budget clients. If they serve small or medium-sized businesses at all, they do so reluctantly and with poor service. 

There’s no reason you should be pushed to the side because of your size. The best SEO companies will have a lot of experience with smaller companies and be excited to bring you the level of service and success that you deserve.

Don’t settle! Choose an SEO company that focuses on small to medium-sized businesses.

Experience in Your Industry

If you’re a plumber, you don’t want to choose an SEO company that hasn’t ever worked with plumbing companies. The same is true for HVAC, salons, SaaS companies, or any other industry.

It’s a good idea to look at the case studies the agency has available to see who they have successfully served in the past. The case studies will give you a good indication of the agency’s range and experience.

An SEO company with experience helping businesses in your industry is a must if you want to succeed!

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

You know that you can’t get by offering poor customer service, even if your products and offers are amazing. How you treat your customers says everything about your business and your values.

Finding an SEO company with excellent customer service means that you’ll have a better experience and get better results. When questions come up about your campaigns, the right agency will be quick to answer and help you understand your results.

Great customer service also includes showing you improvements over time. Top SEO companies have reports that show you where you started and how much your traffic, ranked keywords, and overall SEO results have increased.

Many companies offer great service during the sales process, so don’t rely on that alone. Look at reviews to see how previous businesses felt working with a specific agency.

Realistic Projections

There’s no such thing as overnight success in SEO, and anyone who promises immediate results is being dishonest. Perhaps they plan to bring in junk traffic using bots or links from shady websites. Who knows, we just know it’s not going to grow your business.

An excellent SEO company will be able to review your business’ current standing online, website, and current competitive environment and then give you an honest and realistic assessment of what’s possible and when.

If you’re in a competitive industry, your competitors may have already been working on SEO for years. Finding the right niche will be key to your success — as will a lot of patience. 

Don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true promises. Instead, look for realistic results.

An In-House Experienced Team

An In-House Experienced Team

Why is an in-house team such an advantage? The primary reason is that the SEO company can control the quality of the work. With outsourcing, you never know if items will be turned in on time or have the quality you’re looking for.

Choosing a top SEO company with an in-house team means that there’s more accountability for results. At Local SEO Search, we’re proud of our in-house team of SEO experts. We have decades of combined experience, even though the field is fairly young.

When the right specialists are available and produce great work, you’ll see the growth and new customers you need!

Excellent Ethics

The importance of SEO ethics cannot be overstated. While someone who practices “black hat” strategies — which are against the rules — may get away with it awhile, Google will eventually catch up and punish websites using those tactics.

Once your website is penalized, your business may struggle to recover.

Focus on SEO companies that use “white hat” — entirely ethical — strategies. At Local SEO Search, we work with Google, not against them. We want our clients’ websites to do well because they are well-optimized and provide excellent value to prospective customers.

There’s no reason to work with unethical or semi-ethical SEO agencies. To protect your results and your business, choose an ethical marketing firm.

Choosing the Best SEO Companies

Choosing the Best SEO Companies

The best SEO companies can be hard to find, but by looking for these characteristics you’ll be able to narrow down your search. We want you to find the perfect agency for your needs so you can experience the success and growth you dream of.

We are a boutique agency focusing on small to medium-sized businesses and have worked in every industry and across the country. If you’re interested in seeing if we’re a good fit, contact us today!

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