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Everyone seems to have a blog nowadays, and almost every book, website or marketer that offers advice to small businesses tells you to have a blog, or is trying to sell you a miracle plan to earn money in blogging, and telling you how to increase online sales.
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How do you measure success? Are you living a childhood dream of always wanting to own your own business? Are you following the footsteps of your mentor, idol or parents? Do you plan on retiring at 55 working for yourself? There are many reasons why people want to start their own business.
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What is more important for a local business: being on top of the first page of Google or generating leads that result in new clients from your website? Everyday there are new companies popping up offering services that promise to get websites to the #1 paid ad or organic ranking spot on Google with a...
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Living in the GTA, North of Toronto for the last two years I noticed that every week, the same big box stores are mailing out batches of flyers. The flyers that we receive do mention the local stores that they are offering the flyers for.
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