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SEO Consulting: 9 Things to Know Before Choosing a Consultant
There are over 1.8 billion websites in existence, and getting yours noticed might seem hopeless. After all, you’re a small business, and you have a lot on your plate. You’re focused on providing the best products and services for your customers, and you have to manage your employees. You don’t have an entire department ready...
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SEO in 2021 & Beyond: Complete Guide for Home Services and Contractors
As a home services provider or contractor, you’re probably more than glad that 2020 is in the rearview mirror. It was a very difficult year for anyone who makes home visits or does in-person work.
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Maximizing the Web for Your Business
We’ve definitely learned in the last year that digital marketing is essential if your business is going to survive significant disruptions. Companies such as Bubbles and Balm, who were previously hesitant to grow their online presence, found a digital pivot crucial to survival in 2020.
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Why Not All Customers Are a Good Fit for Your Business
We have all heard the mantra, “The customer is always right.” Originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, the logic behind this business philosophy is to instill a sense of good accountability towards customers. Many companies still use this principle and build their business models around it.
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Website Creation: Services or Platform To Use
As a small business owner, if you’re going to create a website you probably want something that is simple to understand and easy to use. However, you also want to make sure it’s customizable enough that your website will match your brand. That’s where website builder services come in.
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Beat Burnout: Tips to Run Your Biz Without Burning Out
No one wants to be depleted of energy, motivation, and enthusiasm. But it happens. Burnout affects anyone; even the most passionate and strong-willed entrepreneurs are not immune to it. A Business Insider article on depression in the startup community, 50 percent of the general population of business owners experience burnout.
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According to the 2019 statistics, there are about 35.7 million vehicles registered across Canada. And all of these vehicles require regular tuning and maintenance to remain in top shape and to prevent accidents.
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Types of Buyers & How Understanding Them Could Transform Your Business
Why is it important for business owners to understand their buyers? Well, knowing who your buyers are, where they are located, and what they want helps you come up with effective strategies to deliver their services to them. It’s also crucial to understand their purchasing behaviour. The more you pay attention to their needs and...
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Is managing and tracking pages for your business getting overwhelming? For many business owners, shuffling through multiple platforms for different purposes is tedious and time-consuming.
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How to Recover a Google My Business Listing
Google My Business is a crucial marketing tool for most small businesses, and if it’s not working you’re losing customers. If you’ve received an email or discovered that your account is suspended, getting it resolved quickly is a top priority.
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