Home » Business advice » How to Promote a New Website on Social Media: A Guide

How to Promote a New Website on Social Media: A Guide

Home » Business advice » How to Promote a New Website on Social Media: A Guide
How to Promote a New Website on Social Media: A Guide
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You’ve just created your website and you’re ready to show it to the world. The problem is that the internet is an incredibly crowded place, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to promoting your business.

If you have a brand new website, one of the best places to promote it is on social media. Over 31 million Canadians use social media, and many people spend hours per week on the platforms.

If you want to promote your new website on social media, how do you go about it? It depends on what platform you target. Let’s take a look at each one.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, which makes it a great place to promote a new website no matter what business you’re in. You’ll find almost every age group and every social demographic somewhere on Facebook.

If Facebook is so popular, how do you stand out? First, you have to be very clear on who your ideal customers are. Take a look at the customers that have brought the most to your business so far — those are the people you want to target.

You can use Facebook ads to bring your website to the attention of your ideal customers. However, most people won’t visit your website just to see your business. Instead, you’ll need something intriguing. That’s where creating a series of helpful blog posts comes in. You can promote the blog posts and gain traffic to your website.

You can also create a business page and participate in Facebook groups that are focused on what your customers enjoy. For example, a lawn care company can join Facebook groups about lawn and garden topics where members are in your local area. By participating with helpful information, you can build trust and gain website traffic.



Video has an incredible ability to engage your audience. People not only get your message, but they hear your voice and see your face. Non-verbal communication that comes through in video can help build additional trust. 

YouTube also allows you to share unique perspectives about your business. You can share behind-the-scenes glimpses, do “a day in the life,” or showcase your products and services. Videos are also a great way to showcase happy customers and deliver case studies.

Most businesses benefit from being able to “show, not tell” about their business results. For example, a lawn care company can walk viewers through a newly designed garden or showcase the before and after transformations they create.

As people get to know your company, they will visit your website to learn more or to get special deals. Videos are an excellent way to promote a new website on social media.



On Instagram, you’re sharing images in order to engage and wow your audience. This is a great opportunity for those with visual products and services. A real estate agent can showcase homes recently bought and sold, for instance. 

How do you get people to your website from Instagram? Most of the time, you include your website link in your bio. Then you can say “link in bio” on each post when you invite your audience to learn more about you. Your profile is the only place you can put a link, so take advantage of it!

Don’t leave the link the same, either. Instead of simply putting your homepage link in your bio, consider a link with a specific blog post, or a link to your seasonal deal. Then, make your posts about the topic that the link covers. When you say “link in bio,” the link will be relevant to the information you’ve shared.

Finally, take advantage of Instagram stories. These often appear in people’s feeds above normal posts, and you can post multiple stories without creating a feeling of spam or over-posting.

Instagram is a great way to promote your website!



Do you have a B2B company? If so, you can’t miss out on promoting your business using LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 800 million members from around the world, and it’s the best place to find business decision-makers.

To promote your new website, create a company page. The company page can list a lot of details about your business and include a link to your website. Then, be sure you include a link to the new website on your personal profile as well. 

From there, it’s all about being active. Find conversations about topics that your business connects to. Like posts, comment, and share. You can also follow people who post a lot about your industry. Create your own content as well, from short daily posts to longer pieces of content.

Being the kind of professional that’s interesting and has a lot of helpful things to say can help you build your network and grow your business.

Promote Your Website Today!

Promote Your Website Today!

Promoting your website on social media is a great way to get traction for a new site. If you need to, just pick one social media platform that’s the most relevant and focus on making your engagement there top-notch.

If you need help growing your business online, we understand. Small business owners are overwhelmed. That’s why a company like Local SEO Search can be such a great partner. Set up a free consultation today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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