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How to Promote a Website on Facebook: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Home » Business advice » How to Promote a Website on Facebook: 5 Mistakes to Avoid
How to Promote a Website on Facebook 5 Mistakes to Avoid
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Facebook is the ideal place to promote your small or medium-sized business. The social media platform has 2.89 billion monthly active users around the world, and most of those are ages 18-54. This is the ideal demographic for most Canadian businesses.

However, if you’re going to promote your business on Facebook, you want to make sure to avoid common mistakes that will drive people away from your company instead of drawing them in. 

Here are the errors you don’t want to make as you promote your website on Facebook.

Being Impersonal and Robotic

As a business you may want to be professional, but on social media that can easily come off the wrong way. Being too formal online can result in consumers feeling alienated, or can make it seem like you’re only there to promote your products and services.

Your company should have a warm, personal feeling to it, even online. Share information that shows the human side of your business, whether it’s a celebration with employees or a behind-the-scenes look at your operation.

The more you open the doors to your company’s personality, the easier it will be for ideal customers to connect with you online.

Promoting Nonstop

Remember that Facebook is a social media platform, with an emphasis on “social.” If all you do is promote your business, products, and services, no one will want to interact with you!

Imagine being at a party and there’s one gentleman who won’t talk about anything other than himself. He wants to share his accomplishments, his awards, and all the things he has done. That’s not the person you want to interact with!

The same is true on Facebook. You want to be engaging, friendly, and interested in others. When your company has that approach, instead of promotion, you’ll have a lot more success.

Being Boring

Each time your business publishes a new blog post on your website, you want to share it on social media. However, if all you do is share blog posts, your content gets very boring and predictable. People lose interest and go look for more engaging content.

Instead, mix it up. Share provocative questions, interesting images, and trending topics. For example, it’s common in 2022 to share an image with several elements and say, “One must go, which one are you eliminating?” For example, five popular candy bars, but one must go. These posts are often shared and get a lot of attention. 

You can also share appropriate but humorous memes, interesting videos, and more. Yes, share your blog posts, but make sure that’s not the only thing you share.

Not Having a Complete Online Profile

If you have a landscaping company called “Tom’s Landscaping,” it makes sense to create a Facebook page called “Tom’s Landscaping.” However, that shouldn’t be the only information on your page!

People struggle to trust online content, so when asking yourself how to promote a website on Facebook, make sure you have a complete social media profile. It should include your physical address, website link, pictures of your business, and more. That way, people know you’re a legitimate company and they can rely on your content.

Make sure the information in your profile matches other online directories as well. For example, your name, address, and phone number should be the same on Facebook as it is on your website and Google My Business profile. That consistency builds trust and helps you rank more highly in Google search results as well.

Not Being Consistent in Your Facebook Presence

The final, and biggest, mistake you can make when promoting your website is not being consistent. A social media profile that has several posts and then a long delay sends a message that the company is not committed to their online presence.

You don’t want your business to come off as flakey or unreliable — in fact, that’s the exact opposite of the message you’re hoping to send by participating in social media conversations. That’s why being consistent is the number one priority for your social media outreach efforts.

If you can’t be consistent with multiple social media platforms at once, don’t try to be. You can simply pick one — most likely Facebook — and stick with that.

Build Your Facebook Presence

Promoting your website and business on Facebook is easy to do because of the amount of activity there is. There are always conversations going on that you can take part in, there are dozens of groups that would be relevant for your business, and more.

However, it’s important to avoid common mistakes when participating in Facebook conversations. This article pointed out the most frequent errors businesses make. Avoid these and you’ll be doing great!

If you want more assistance with your online marketing, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you grow.

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