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Know Your Pros: What a Marketing Manager Does

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What a Marketing Manager Does
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Small business owners often need help getting their marketing work done. That generally means working with an agency or a variety of professionals who can understand your business goals and help you execute your marketing plan.

This guide will look at what a marketing manager does for your business, so you can decide if you need to hire one. It’s possible that your business will benefit from having a marketing manager in-house, or that you might do better outsourcing the work.

Here’s what you need to know about what a marketing manager does.

Promoting Your Business

The primary job of a marketing manager is to promote a business, product, or service. Because you run a small company, it’s likely that you would have one marketing manager that would oversee all of the marketing for your business.

In general, a marketing manager will plan marketing campaigns and oversee their implementation. They don’t do this alone — as the name suggests, a marketing manager supervises other marketing employees who execute the plans and measure the results.

How can a marketing manager be successful? They need a variety of skills to do their job well.

Key Marketing Manager Skills

What are the skills that a marketing manager relies on to effectively promote your business? Let’s take a look.


Because a marketing manager coordinates a team, they need excellent communication and collaboration skills. That means they are leaders, are able to build relationships, and can smooth over difficult situations.


A marketing manager can’t create plans to promote your business without a clear understanding of your target audience and the existing market. They need to be able to research ideal customer personas, understand buying patterns, and get ideas from your successful competitors. It’s also essential to be able to understand the results of marketing campaigns so you can focus on what works and discard what doesn’t.


We included communication with collaboration because internal communication is vital when you’re working with a team. But being able to communicate outside the business is another key skill for a marketing manager. They should be able to craft marketing messages that are focused on the specific needs of your target audience. These messages should be engaging and persuasive and help bring new customers to your business.

Common Tasks For a Marketing Manager

What can you ask a marketing manager to do for your business? The exact job description will depend on the size of your business and your needs, but here are a few examples of what a marketing manager does.

Developing Marketing Plans

Creating a marketing plan with a focus on your target market and business goals is the foundational work that a marketing manager does. This marketing plan can include a variety of outreach avenues, including email marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Estimating the Marketing Budget

A marketing manager will also help you determine what your annual budget for marketing needs to be, including the salaries of those who will implement the marketing plan in various areas. This budget may also include advertising costs and other needs.

Create Marketing Materials

Depending on the size of your marketing team, your marketing manager may create written and creative content for materials ranging from your website to online ads to email marketing.

Analyzing Data to Measure ROI

A marketing manager will collect data on your marketing results to see if the marketing plan is bringing in the customers and growth you need. If you hire a professional for this role, ensure that create plans with a measurable ROI, rather than focusing on non-financial gains like online followers and comments.

Making Changes to the Marketing Plan to Improve Results

The humility to adjust a plan that looked great but isn’t bringing in profits is essential in a successful marketing manager. A great manager will let the numbers be the guide and focus on strategies that are bringing real results, rather than the ideas they started with.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Marketing Manager?

The average salary for a marketing manager in Canada is close to $70,000. As you can see, it’s a highly paid position, and it may not even cover all of your marketing needs. You’ll still need a marketing budget for ads and outreach, and you may also need additional staff to implement the marketing plans created.

One of the reasons many small businesses choose to work with an agency like Local SEO Search is that outsourcing is much less expensive than hiring each individual professional you need in-house.

Get Help With Your Marketing Today

If you’re ready to get help with your small business marketing, you don’t have to spend $70,000 a year on a marketing manager. Instead, you can connect with an agency that specializes in small business marketing, like Local SEO Search.

We’d love to chat about what we can do for you. Contact us today for a consultation!

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